March 16, 2017

The Queen of Teams: Ninja Scheduling, Communication and Being A Woman

By chirosushi In Blurb, Chiropractic Success

Catch Brandi MacDonald at ChiroSushi Summit

You know how many golden nuggets ChiroSushi Summit presenter drops on a regular basis on the ol’Facebook?

Enough that we can’t keep up!

But here is just three from the last week we just adore!

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You know the champagne problem of having zero room for new people and a full schedule?

Yes, that’s our current state of affairs at southside chiropractic. Requires a ninja sense of scheduling and flow. That flow requires intense planning, intense effort to keep the service high and intense self-care to continue to keep one’s eye on the ball.

After 18 years in practice that consciousness never changes, if anything we become more conscious, more intense and every day demands us to be better than yesterday.

Every “problem” we perceive is an opportunity for something that is going to be better or bigger for us. I know you know we are blessed to do what we do every damn day.

On Communication

Sometimes in practice, we just “hit the jackpot” with people.

They “get it, they resonate with it, their lights come on” and we are thrilled.

But then sometimes it falls flat. Nothing happens, they don’t respond, or even appear reactive.

But we say and act the same way?!

Why? It doesn’t make sense. The best analogy I have for you is when I was changing my swing in golf. When I killed the ball, I was pumped but didn’t know why. When I shanked it, I couldn’t adapt next time bc I also didn’t know why. So it didn’t allow me to go to the next level. Right until I learned to ask myself a key question “was it my assessment or my execution?” If I didn’t assess the distance properly for the club length, or assess the wind, or grade on the green then I knew the outcome was based on that but my swing was good. If I assessed well, but tipped my hands on the club, or used my hands more than my rotation etc, then it was my execution. This allowed me to refine my skills, and not blow up my golf game thinking I was terrible, it was merely allowed me to become laser focused on what I needed to work on. Communication Is the same.

When something goes flat, or you feel you didn’t connect with someone, it’s not that you suck, the question is was it your assessment or execution? Did you miss how they learn? Or didn’t understand what state their brain was in? Or thought their leverage was something it wasn’t?

That’s your assessment.

If you assessed it well, but came off frustrated, or not prepared, or had a hard day, or rushed them, that’s your execution. Beginning to tweak the strategy in a more conscious level, allows you to impact more people and not beat yourself up and continually work on the most important skill there is … our communication.

On Being A Powerful Woman

So, how did I get to where I am? It wasn’t because of my gender. It’s because I am Brandi and no one else in the world will ever be me. I know as I heal myself I will heal the world. I will also serve, and give and be vibrant, feminine, opinionated, outspoken, passionate, intense, not because I am a female, but because I am me. Change starts with you. It doesn’t happen any other way. Make this day as conscious as every day. The world needs you.


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