February 17, 2016

Dear DC’s: Preparing for Success

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management


A common misconception and mistake made by new practitioners is assuming They’ll open their doors and the world will beat a path to their office.  Rarely does it ever happen that way.

Success in any endeavor requires a burning desire to succeed, a passion for the chosen field, perseverance, dedication and hard work.  One must prepare for success…..plan your work and work you plan knowing if it is to be it is up to me.

Goals are essential and must be set in every area of the practice.  Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly new patient, and patient visit goals.  Goals for the amount of services to be rendered and income reflected from that service. 

Understanding the importance of time management, how to schedule and control appointments is an absolute must.  There is an art to dealing with missed appointments, delinquent accounts which must be mastered.

The team teachers at ChiroSushi have years of experience in private practice, have studied, researched and tested multiple approaches to each of the above described necessary success ingredients.  They have called on past experts, refined techniques and will show you how to incorporate the best possible management techniques into your practice. 

One example of preparing for success is having pre-loaded new patient files.  Once the goal for new patients is set for the week in-office preparations must be made to accomplish that goal.  If the goal is 15 NP for the week each Monday the office manager should assure at least 15 pre-loaded files are ready. 

In the file should be some type of entry information questionnaire, a consultation form which will guarantee a “touch all bases” consultation is performed.  Each should have an examination form tailored to the type examination the doctor incorporates.  There should be an x-ray/lab order sheet.  A case study or treatment planning form is an absolute must.  Finally a fee slip to be taken to the front desk with subsequent appointment written.

All successful Chiropractors will attest to the fact their success didn’t “just happen.”  They prepared for it, planned for it, attended seminars related to it and made it happen.  You can be anything you wish to be, have anything you wish to have, do anything you wish to do and ChiroSushi seminars are here to help you make your wildest dreams come true. 


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