June 13, 2017

My Practice Fatal Flaws (Pt 2)

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Communication
local business manager event.
It’s at a spa and
they’re having special
demonstrations for participants.
A spa technician has a high powered
camera to scan through your hair
and show your scalp health.
It’s important to understand what happened here:
I did it and she seemed shocked.
In front of a gathering crowd she announced how badly I needed
a very specific shampoo,
and weekly treatment serum..!
I had no idea it was happening,
had no idea what I was looking at on her screen,
but was quite startled by her level
of intensity and urgency.
Combine that feeling with other
spectators looking at me…
My normal thought process:
Do I get the obvious solution to my supposedly
horrible scalp problems,
or decline caring for myself in public?
I felt cornered, trapped,
and the conversation
was never even about the products.
This woman was a great salesman.
I walked out with $85 worth of products
I never wanted to buy.
And I was frustrated from the experience.
I had never been so forcefully pushed
into a decision… even though for my own good.
I vowed I would never return OR
refer anyone there, ever.
Recently walking by that spa I saw
the space was up for lease.
They had gone out of business…
What’s the point?
Using Force in Practice is
Chiropractors’ 2nd Fatal Flaw.
(And yes,
I still use shampoo
just not that one!)
Many chiropractors are taught
to do similar tactics for patient compliance.
And it often works in the short term
for patientcareplansign up.
But it hurts your practice in the long run.
It stops re-activations, referrals,
and long term compliance.
There’s a better way to create a
profitable and sustainable practice.
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lifelong patients,
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There’s no force in building
that type of practice.
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