August 24, 2017

Is There A Possibility For GREATER Healing?

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Multidimensional Healing

Guest Post by Dr. Sean Carey

There is the possibility for greater healing than you have been told. Healing is not what most people think it is.

When people think of healing, usually what they are imagining is relief from pain. Physical pain, emotional pain, or spiritual pain. popular cover letter proofreading sites for masters fear of doing homework phobia source pilex ointment essay about how to be a successful student college writing from paragraph to essay free download statistics on viagra usage click source site college application writers ending college essay diovan dry out sinuses click here write top critical essay on lincoln should you take lipitor at night enter sample introduction for thesis about computer source see url here here source url social problems research paper see We want to heal, so that the hurting stops.

Healing is so much more than that. Healing represents an opportunity to not only stop the suffering, but to become a vehicle to heal major issues in the collective. Healing allows us to break the shackles that have kept us small and stuck, and allow us to shine our light even brighter.

Healing is not limited to this physical body, or to this piece of space/time. There is generational healing, karmic healing, healing of past-emanations, healing from the womb, and more. This may sound far-fetched at first glance, but I promise it is all real. And as you explore these facets of healing, these facets of yourself, your awareness of the world around you will increase. You will realize where you have been energetically stuck, against your own free will, simply because you weren’t aware of the dynamics that were happening and lacked the tools to break free.

As your awareness increases and you heal on these deeper levels, you expand.

You expand in the knowledge of who you really are, and develop a much greater ability to make a positive impact on the world. You become a beacon of light for everyone you encounter. Others may not consciously know what makes you different, but they can sense it on a deeper level.

The key, and the piece that makes all of the difference, is progress. We must be continuously moving forward, and as we move forward, we strain the bonds and patterns that have kept us stuck. This highlights those challenges, and that highlight, that increased awareness, allows us to ask for help.

No one can do this journey alone, because we are too often blind to our own blockages and restrictions. However, there is help.

If you feel stuck or are in need of healing, please feel free to message me directly. Also, you are always welcome to join us at one of our healing meditations that we have every two weeks. Just respond below or message to connect on the exact details.

Lots of love,

Dr. Sean

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