November 17, 2016

This politician thinks Chiropractic is key to to helping patients recover from addiction

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Politics


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State Rep. Joshua Peters, D-St. Louis

As state representative for the 76th District, I am familiar with the many social problems and personal tragedies that drugs and violence have inflicted on our community. When I was recently appointed to the Logan University Board of Advisors, I learned how chiropractic therapy has been helping people with addiction recovery.

Biggest takeaway:

A large-scale, long-term and triple-blind study was undertaken by the University of Miami School of Medicine. Jay Holder, a Florida doctor and chiropractor at the Exodus Treatment Center in Miami Beach, was the lead researcher for the study, which involved 100 patients with a chemical dependency.

What they found was that a person who receives chiropractic therapy in conjunction with regular detox treatment is 10 times more likely to complete their drug program. The key to successful treatment is getting people to remain in the program and complete it. Those receiving the chiropractic treatment had a 97 percent higher rate of retention in the drug program.

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