August 8, 2017

Picking A Chiropractic Practice Domain Name

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Marketing, Practice Management

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The Yellow Pages Days Are Over…

So why are we still picking our practice and domain names like they aren’t?

Picking a Chiropractic Practice and Domain Name Should Be About:

  • Your Brand
  • Your Location
  • Your Specialty or Niche
  • Easiness to remember (easy to refer)
  • The Physical and Digital (Domain)

Let’s Start With Names You Should Stop Using…

Anything with:

  • Atlas
  • Aido
  • Advanced
  • Adjusted
  • Or anything that starts with a number…

This isn’t 1985 and there is no benefit to being first in the alphabet anymore. Plus, most of those names are cookie cutter and not unique.

Naming with a Brand

Well, most Chiropractors do my admission essay essay writing in united states free resume access india comprare viagra online con pagamento alla consegna a research paper on bipolar disorder research papers for dummies pdf download research paper argumentative topics source link viagra drug store price thailand architecture thesis books essay advantages of internet cialis bass lake an outstanding student essay friendship one word essay movie thesis gre writing section sample essays a communication essay cialis dopo 24 ore cialis en drank source site where can i find someone to do my assignment dissertation writing fellowship shipping temperature synthroid follow site source buying viagra over the counter enter site cialis generic chepest po box delivery are their brand but you do also have to consider your future goals like hiring associates and possibly franchising.

I still think it those are the future goals you would want your name attached to it.

A great example of this is Companion Chiropractic in Syracuse NY. The original Chiropractor, Steven Companion had one of the largest clinics in upstate NY. He has since passed, but he built such a brand name through great advertising that the name is still being used today.

Plus it’s a lot easier typically to buy the domain name for a last name.

Naming with Location

If you can purchase a domain with the location and brand yourself by the town or community you serve you will have quite the advantage – even a fresh puppy D.C.

Depending on the size of the community you can use variations of the town, county, or even nicknames as long as it is average public lexicon.

Naming with Specialty and/or Niche

So many Chiropractors coming out of school today want to focus on certain types of patients, including pregnancy, pre-natal, or sports.

But there is always the universal like “Family” that still does well.

In the 1980’s my father was wise to focus on “Preventive Health.” which soon became a buzzword to this day.

Naming by Ease and Easiness to Refer

The name should roll of your tongue like “Beyond Bones.”

As short, simple and as impactful as possible.

Naming for Physical and Digital

Since the Yellow page era is over who is the master you should serve? Google.

While “exact- match” domains might suffer if they aren’t backed by good content, having a keyword like your name and or your service will only do you good.

Also, the average Doctors name is searched 60X more than the practice name due to word-of-mouth referrals.

Knowing all this let’s name my future practice!


I could go with my old band name “Country Jigalo” but that wouldn’t probably do me any good for SEO or for professional referrals.

I could go with the trend for “Dr. Tristan” where Chiro’s use their first name – but

I like my last name and since it has Chiropractic history I will use: Schaub


I really want to practice in Malibu California so I could go with more universal California or granular with Malibu.

I’ll choose Malibu.

Specialty and Niche:

I’m gonna stick with old-school by the book Chiropractic care and I’m a serve the masses kind of dude so I’ll go with “Family Chiropractic”


My name – Schaub + My Niche + Town is a little too long…

My name + Niche is near perfect – Schaub Chiropractic

But even better and little more flow is Schaub Family Chiropractic

When it comes to most referals it they will just usually say “Dr. Schaub is my Chiropractor – he’s in Malibu.”

So what about the domain name?

I want to own my town, protect my word of mouth and make it easy. and are taken…

But is still there – and that is perfect branding for web, cards and more.

Adding  “My” or “Your” to a domain usually opens it ope while saving a lot of that SEO Juice.


Practice Name: Schaub Family Chiropractic

Domain Name: MyMalibuChiropractor

I hope that helps some young docs out there – it really should be this simple!

But if you ever need help and would like to schedule a time with ChiroSushi you can do so here.


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