February 7, 2017

The Perfect Chiropractic Website (Winter 2017)

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Marketing, Website Marketing

There is a lot to love about this website…

Kudos to Dr. Nona Djavid and Dr. Kate Murray and WellnessChoice.com (© Copyright 2017   |   Design: MyChiroPractice, Inc.  )

Where do we start? We freaking LOVE this website! There is so much to get into, I don’t think we’ll get it all in!

Homepage & About Page

We adore the homepage with the user-friendly left menu design and ultra crisp clean copy.

We’re also very fond of the responsive design (perfect for mobile) which flows with the copy and social proof alongside some easy to click and use calls to actions (3).

You’ll also notice the clean pop up with a great call to action headline that appeals equally to people’s intellectual, empathetic, and spiritual spheres! Perfect balance!

The second most visited page for a doctor is always the “About” page and this site continues with the great work that the homepage accomplished.


It’s all well and good if your have a high converting and wonderfully branded website, but if know one finds it you’re flushing money down the toilet.

Coming up #1 for places and #3 Organically is no easy task for the saturated and competitive keyword “Chiropractor NewPort Beach”

But this site proves it can be done. How?

  1. Fantastic SEO Friendly Blog Content
  2. Speed Optimization with compression (although the sites page sizes are bigger than 94% of other sites the developers used some neat tricks to help bring massive content without suffering efficiency).
  3. Super Mobile Friendly
  4. Inbound links
  5. High rate of words per page
  6. Common and Unique Content outweigh Duplicate Content

There is much more we could dive into on the SEO but we’ve geeked out a bit too much!

Overall a Perfect combo of great content, design, branding and conversion marketing for a Chiropractic website!

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