January 17, 2017


By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Communication, Events, Marketing Tools, Practice Management

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There seems to be more and more debate, as of late, regarding the value, cost and necessity of Chiropractic care.  Patients care more about the necessity and consequences of not receiving care than they do the cost.  In reality, your patients are just like you……they could care less what the cost is….they want to know (if shown value and necessity) how they can pay for it.

The fact is people care very little about what anything cost.  They want to know if there is a way they can afford to have that which they want or need.  This point is easy to prove:

So you want to buy a new car.  You have in mind what type car you want…..visit dealerships, check online, talk to friends who can refer you to the right place, research cost, etc. You have done the calculations and decided the price for the car you want is in line with what your research has shown.  So you decide make the purchase so long as the price is one you can agree with.  Let’s say that price is between 30,000.00 and 35,000.00.  Unless you pay cash on the barrel head (most don’t) then your next step is to see if the cost will fit into your budget.  In fact you may have already done the math, gone to your bank and received pre-approval.  You discover the monthly payment will be 545.00/month.  The mental gears start turning and you concur…..”yes…..545.00 a month does fit in my budget.”  You sign on the dotted line.

Ready to build a million dollar practice?

Now a question on you can answer…..is the price you agreed upon to pay for that car what it cost?  Did you pay the 33,000.00 you agreed on as a final price.  What actually influenced your decision to “sign on the dotted line.”  Wasn’t the decision made on three factors (1) what you felt the necessity was to have a new car (2) the value of the car and (3) whether the amount required to pay for it fit in your specific budget?  You didn’t pay 33,000.00 for that vehicle.  You paid 33,000.00 Plus tax, Plus dealer handling, Plus any extended warranties Plus incurred interest.  You paid a whole lot more than 33,000.00.  Did you really care what the total was…..my guess is no.  What you wanted to know was after all is said and done…..can I afford it!

Your patients are no different than you!  Show them the necessity of your care.  Show them the value of your care.  Provide a way for them to pay for your care that fits their budget and they will become a member of your patient family.

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