April 12, 2017

A Patient Just Said Something Really Nice About Me On Facebook…Now What?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Marketing, Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing

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Did you just get a Facebook “Toast”?

It’s a pretty big deal when one of your patients gives you a shout out on Facebook.

But soon the euphoria of how awesome you are can fade (and should) and you are left wondering:

“Why didn’t they leave me a review on Facebook, Google and/or Yelp?”


“Can I do more with this?”

1. Leave it alone

Ok, so you could just play it cool – not even acknowledge…maybe hit like or leave a “thanks” comment.

But you know the value of a Word of Mouth Referal!

And you want to DO MORE with it!

2. Ask them to do more

They are already happy so why not see how much more they will be willing to do?

Ask them to leave:

  • A Yelp Review
  • A Facebook Review
  • A Google Review
  • A Video Review

3. Ask if you can repurpose the “Toast” for a Facebook Ad

Ask the patients permission if you could screenshot and then share the “toast” on your personal and/or business page.

You might want to repurpose the post into a blog article and then FishyChiro…we mean ChiroSushize it with a sponsored ad and click bait title like…

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and a cool pixel effect on the image to override the Facebook text issue and encourage those who are on the curious side like…

Yep – that’s a FishyChiro…we mean ChiroSushi way of doing it…

Make sure you have a story added into the content of the landing page of the blog piece along with the real toast.


4. Repurpose for SEO and Due Diligence Searches

This is where you take a screengrab and re-upload for the web-a-sphere on your main site, your secondary site, and your third party sites.

You want to make sure the image and alt-tags are optimized for your location, specialty and of course your name.

Wait…what was that about a secondary site?

Oh yeah. This is what all the cool Docs are doing…or should.

Think of it like your virtual brag book.

Let’s say you have your main site and it’s MyTownChiropractor.com

Your secondary site should be the alternative (your name or the practice name dot com) and it should be optimized specifically with social proof like your google reviews, yelp reviews and now your Facebook reviews and toasts.

The beautiful thing about Yelp and Facebook reviews is you can show validity because the review is also associated with a real person and real photo – it’s got that #ExtraBoomBoomSauce

The secondary site will help with reputation and conversions online amongst many other benefits we’ll be sure to write about later…after our next adjustment!

Want an example of a perfect secondary site with 91% conversion rate?

Email us at info@chirosushi.com and we’ll give you a tour 🙂