May 19, 2016

Then & Now: Practice Building Seminars

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Events, Practice Management

January 18, 1962, I exited the front door of the Mississippi Hotel in Davenport, Iowa; made a right turn ending up at the intersection of Brady Street.  Another right turn, up Brady hill, to the campus Palmer College of Chiropractic. 

There I was, 18 years old in a strange town, knew absolutely no one, no place to stay and entering an institution of higher learning wherein in within 3 years I could be a doctor.  The same school attended by my grandfather, father and my father’s two older brothers.  How great is that? 

There was no such thing as student loans back then.  Most everyone I knew went to school during the day and worked nights.  If they were lucky their parents helped them as well.  My Dad and Mom paid my tuition and books….I paid my living expenses.  My first abode was sharing a room in one of the old large homes that grace Davenport.  Shared a bath with five other students.  Rent was 5.00 a week.  Dad would occasionally send me a five or ten dollar bill for spending money.

How I made it is beyond me, but March 31, 1965, at age 21, recently married I walked across the stage and received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  After knocking out two years of liberal arts education I was ready to heal the sick.

 My dad co-signed a loan for $3500.00 I secured a 500 sq ft office for 65.00/month, 900.00 for used equipment,  and 25.00 for a sign.  I had a wife, small child and sat up practice in the bedroom community of Highlands, Texas just outside Houston.

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ChiroSushi Summit

That was then….this is now. The times they have definitely changed.  Academic demands have changed.  New DC’s are leaving school strapped with massive student loan debt.  Entering solo practice has changed.  It is costly and more difficult to go it on your own. 

The practice management guru who taught me and tens of thousands of others has passed.  With his death went the honest, basic, time-tested and proven practice management/business principles he taught from 1951 until 1997.

Necessity is the mother of invention.   ChiroSushi has called on the masters/teachers of old to resurrect principles accounting for enhanced practice success and growth.  In addition, ChiroSushi has enlisted the communication and teaching skills of the Chiropractic rock stars of today.  The result is a Summit.   A Summit the likes of which has not been seen for more than 20 years.  The very first ChiroSushi Summit to be held at the Westgate Resort, Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada May 3-7, 2017 coupling the past with the present.

Herein…..the ChiroSushi Summit of 2017, lies an opportunity for students, new graduates, those young in practice as well as those familiar with the great seminars of the past to obtain information so vital to preparing and growing a practice.  An opportunity to combine the Then with the Now enabling all to understand, realize and express more of their true potential.   

A note from ChiroSushi: Want to join a resurrection and evolution of the Parker Principles? The ChiroSushi Summit is where to be in Vegas next spring! Check out our ChiroSushi Summit to learn all about it.

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