July 24, 2017

No, Not Everyone Is In Your ChiroTarget Market

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Marketing, Practice Management

Chiropractors everywhere are in desperate need of a marketing overhaul.  I see marketing campaigns and slogans all over the place that are genuinely cringe-worthy!

Guest Post By Aaron Hedlund

In today’s world, marketing is a pretty big fish to get your arms around.  Chiropractors get bombarded with solicitors promising they can get them more leads and more patients.  Maybe they can, and maybe they can’t, but the bottom line is: Chiropractors have a specific target market and regardless of marketing method they must pursue that market completely!

Thirty years ago the target market for health care providers was women, 30-60 years in age.  Why?  Research showed that women in that age range made a majority of the decisions in their families in regards to healthcare.  They were the ones that not only controlled the purse, but they were the ones who had the say-so when it came to their family members healthcare needs.

Guess what the target market for health care providers is today.

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Today, women play an even bigger role in their families health care decisions than they did before.  Did you know that women comprise 80% of all consumers and they spend upwards of $100 billion on luxury goods and services each year?  Women’s incomes are dramatically increasing, while men’s are remaining fairly static.

We could go far deeper into the research, but the gist is that women still control the purse in the family dynamic when it comes to healthcare.

Chiropractors, and other professionals alike, tend to cast a wide net, believing their services are for anyone and everyone.  Believe me, I agree that everyone should regularly see a chiropractor, but not all of them respond to your marketing and increasing our patient volumes will require some tact.  Doctors must take those marketing dollars and put them to good use by getting a clear, honest, trustworthy message in front of women.

So, no.  Not everyone is in your target market.  However, yes!  We know who is in our target market and increasing our marketing dollar’s ROI means investing in them.

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