September 27, 2017

Nice Chiros Finish Last in the Bedroom and the Boardroom

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Communication, Money

Have you ever noticed that women like bad boys? Mr. Nice Guy will come to the door with roses—but he’s already landed himself in the friend zone. If it were just about being nice and friendly, then no guy would need sales skills. If the trick were just to be nice, most of the world, at least the nice people, would all be doing great. If nice guys finish first you could be the kind-hearted millionaire next door.

The reality is that most of you put too much significance on being nice and not enough emphasis on closing deals down. The nicest thing you can do for a customer is to make sure they make a decision and take action to get a solution: your product or service.

Do you know where the word nice comes from? Its original derivation from Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary is French, and it came from the word foolish, simple, silly, ignorant, and not to know. Is that what you want to be—nice, foolish, silly, ignorant and simple?

Nice guys finish last.

No wonder that when someone says you are a “nice salesperson,” you know that they aren’t buying from you! The last thing you’d want a woman to describe you as would be a “nice” guy.

Nice will not get the job done in the bedroom or the boardroom. To close is defined by the dictionary as the ability to come to an end and complete an agreement. Many people, due to their upbringing regarding being nice, are unwilling to be insistent and persistent to close the deal.

While it is important to be ethical, have manners, and to be respectful, being “nice” is insufficient for getting what you want in life. Pushing through doesn’t make me “not nice” but rather it demonstrates that I am sold on my product.

Throughout the thirteen months of trying to close Elena on the idea of being my wife I was never ill-mannered, inappropriate or unprofessional but was highly interested and confident in my quest. Thanks to my insistence, my confidence, my dedication and my willingness to hang in there, I won her heart.

Being “nice,” without some pressure would not have done the job, I assure you!

Don’t be a jerk, but know that nice guys aren’t able to sell, and nice guys finish last.

Instead of being nice, be great.

– GC

P.S. One way to get great is to learn new information. And if you want to overcome any objection, in any situation, I have exactly what you need.

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