September 23, 2018

New Study From Palmer Says: Integrators Make More Dough

By chirosushi In News

Plus it got REAL DOCTORS to get “Chiropractic Care”

But were they Checked for VS?

A recent multisite qualitative case study, funded by the NCMIC Foundation….


We’ll start that again…

A recent multisite qualitative case study, funded by the NCMIC Foundation, involved 135 key facility stakeholders from nine private-sector U.S. medical facilities, including five hospitals and four clinics. Investigators from the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research (PCCR) and the Yale Center for Medical Informatics conducted two-day site visits to each facility.


The team interviewed doctors of chiropractic (D.C.s), medical and other healthcare clinicians, support staff, administrators, and patients about the process of establishing chiropractic clinics within conventional medical settings

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*Fact Check Time – Remember annual salaries being included will also be

  • Joint Chiropractors
  • Associates
  • ChiroMoms who may be reducing time in the office or focusing on quality of life
  • MSK Docs who haven’t GOTTEN IT YET

MD’s Love It

Medical physicians, nursing staff and other healthcare professionals reported their generally favorable impressions of the new service.

Many health-care workers started using chiropractic care themselves after seeing the results achieved by their mutual patients.

Most facilities also engaged in a formal planning process, implemented the service with a small number of D.C.s and

Here it is…

Focused on evidenced-based approaches to musculoskeletal care for adult patients.

Read the full article here

The Sushi Take?

We know Cats and Dogs working together sounds like Rainbows coming out of unicorns butts…

But a study funded by a company who is supporting the demise of Chiropractic in Florida and worldwide get’s the results they would LOVE to show makes us a little bit…um…jaded

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