July 27, 2017

New Patient Systems: The Top 5 Pitfalls When Advertising With Facebook

By chirosushi In Marketing, Social Media Marketing

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The topic: NEW PATIENTS… which I sometimes refer to as cocaine for chiropractors. We all want more and more and we’re always looking for where to get the next fix. The big 7 “dealers” for me in no particular order are: walk-ins, website, referrals, workshops, dinners, screenings and the newest nugget, social media. For those of you just starting the latter, we’ve identified some challenges while managing social media campaigns for over 70 docs worldwide.

Here are my top 5 pitfalls when advertising with Facebook (in order) that docs encounter which typically causes them to have poor results or give up. My first bit of advice is don’t! Just like what the chiros say that have been in the game the longest and who know their stuff like Matthew LoopPaul Groulx, and DrEd Osburn … It’s not a pipe dream. Using Facebook as traffic/lead generator is a goldmine for community outreach but watch out for the following:

5. Lack of content

Finding a hot topic will give you the best bang for your buck obviously. So to start you should be split testing as much as you can to get your top 3 or 4 topics. Hopefully you know your campaign key campaign performance indicators (KPI) to assess properly. Once you have the topics then you’ll have to start producing lots of content for each. If a campaign starts to under perform, it’s most likely more about the ad fatiguing rather than the topic.

4. Ads feel too much like an ad

We are absolutely bombarded with ads all day every day. If you’re Facebook campaign isn’t doing so well then you might want to try harder to give the appearance that you’re providing useful information rather than simply a deal on a stick. For example, make a video with some great insight and include your call-to-action with Facebook’s lead form or run a website click ad through to a landing page but remove the Facebook button and keep your offer and contact details out of the title and decription.

3. Expectations are skewed

What type of patients are you looking for? You probably have an idea in mind of the ideal patient. I think it’s common that docs are looking for the excitement and trust of a referral based patient. And then… some patients coming from Facebook still have their guard up when they arrive so they get classified as a “bad” patient. These people need help as well and mastering how to meet them where they’re at can overcome this barrier. Facebook leads generally won’t be as warm as a referral, but once they’ve seen the light they can be a great source of those fuzzy referrals for you.

2. Lack of doctor engagement

You might not want to but you will have way more success if you make the calls yourself and interact with the people from your campaigns as the doctor. The thought might cross your mind that they’re going to think that your not successful because you can’t afford staff or some other silly belief but we’ve experienced the exact opposite. They tend to be extremely appreciative to have a call from the doc who has taken the time out of his busy schedule to connect.

1. Giving up too early

How fast do you believe the new patient numbers should arrive? Should you see 20 in the first week? 1 per day minimum? What about if you don’t see a single request for 2 weeks? Has your campaign run out of steam then? NOTE: The campaigns can build momentum over time by building social proof (shares, reactions, comments) so cutting it off too early is by far the most common problem I’ve observed. I can assure you that one thing is certain… there is no certainty when running these campaigns. Your results will fluctuate. So understand your campaign KPI’s but give it enough time to assess properly. If you experience a dip that doesn’t mean the campaign has run its course. If you quit then you might just miss the next wave.

If you have any questions let me know but I hope this has been helpful.

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