July 17, 2017

Millennial Mindset: The 5 Stages of Authority

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Chiropractic Success, Communication

Your relationship with authority shapes you as a leader.


  • You are in charge, so obviously you must know what you are doing.
  • You say that you are really good at this and know exactly what needs to be done and I believe you.
  • You know how to do things that I can’t do yet, so I will follow you.
  • You say I have to do this, so I will do it.


  • You said everything would work out and it didn’t and now I hate you.
  • There are loads of messed up things about the organization/business you are in charge of and you make my life hard. I am disgusted.
  • I found out that you are a flawed (human) being and I resent you for it.
  • I find something new to complain about every day because there are so many little things wrong with your system.


  • I want nothing to do with you or any organization you belong to ever again. I’m 100% out.


  • I’ll build my own thing.
  • I’ll teach myself everything I need to know.
  • I’ll show them. I’ll show you all.


  • Partners make so many things work better. Collaboration speeds up achievement. And I like to have friends and mentors in the professional space.
  • I will choose partners and mentors carefully and do not expect them to be perfect, but I will expect them to be transparent and fair.
  • I want to work with others as a leader and/or as a follower. I care more that the work gets done and gets done well so we can help more people.
  • I’m not afraid to question leaders, and I do it with compassion, assuming they are trying their hardest too. I ask them directly and don’t gossip about it.
  • I’m ready to not only put some skin in the game, but to do it with compassion and joy in helping others.

What stage of authority are you in — in your most beloved projects and pursuits?

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