August 17, 2016

23 Reasons You Might Be the Ultimate ChiroWarrior

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Chiropractic Success, ChiroSushi Memes, Events, Marketing, Practice Management

Are You a ChiroWarrior?

Chirosushi summit

In 2003 I had the pleasure of meeting one of our key ChiroSushi Summit speakers Dr. Rick Wren at an event in Toronto. I was lucky enough to get to sit and listen while him, my father and few other stalwarts of TIC shared the beauty of Chiropractic and how to grow your practice.

It was amazing.

I used bits of what I learned there to help grow a few of my startups years later – a few them which got acquired for some pretty big bucks.

You see, I wasn’t really excited for this seminar as I had gone to previous ones as a kid. I was more excited that I was of drinking age (where in America I still had a year) and had heard great things about the Toronto nightlife. But what I found is that the real talk, the real sharing and the real learning happens at everything in between. I never left that night among those giants of TIC to partake on Yong street. I kept my butt planted to that seat for hours.

That’s why I was super stoked when we launched the ChiroSushi Summit because there is a need to bring the sharing AND those type of experiences back.

It was also where I first heard the phrase “Chiropractic Warrior” uttered out of Dr. Wren’s mouth.

Recently, for a future interview to be posted later, I asked Dr. Wren what it means to be a Chiropractic Warrior – that interview will be one to read later we promise! He also shared with me there are levels.  So we thought it be fun to imagine  what the most extreme or Ultimate ChiroWarrior looks like. Some for fun and some for thought – Enjoy!

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Why you just might be the Ultimate ChiroWarrior

1. You have evolved your hearing to almost supernatural levels that you pick up even the slightest conversation or mention of Chiropractic in a public setting

2. Whenever you hear Chiropractic mentioned on TV you have a Chirogasm and have to let all your friends on Facebook know

3. You stay up in the middle of the night posting about the power of Chiropractic


 Rick Wren Dc

4.  Your partner kicks you in your sleep because you’re quoting Jim Parker again


5.  Instead of Bedtime stories you read the “Green Books” to your kids

6. Hearing the name Stephen Barrett sets off a trigger that could possibly turn you into Jason Bourne

7. You root for athletes of your arch rivals because they love Chiropractic and Get Adjusted




Rick Wren Dc vernon davis Facebook Search

8. Your CPA keeps telling you to chill with all the Chiropractic tables you are buying


9. And you have an adjusting table in your car trunk


10.  Your priest tells you to cool it with handing out your business cards at Church…at least during their sermon

11, You dress your kids up like BJ Palmer for Halloween

12. And you dress like BJ when it is not Halloween

13. You’ve named your dogs (*or better yet your children) D.D., BJ, Sid, Reggie or Sig

14. You’ve got pictures of Chiropractors getting arrested and giving adjustments in your bathroom

15. You really hope they would do an episode of Drunk History on the Wilk v.AMA trial and secretly you hope they would cast you since you probably have done your own rendition a couple of times in front of friends

16.  20 percent of the time you go to the gym to workout and 80 percent of the time you go there to network and set up impromptu spinal screenings

17. Your friends have considered doing an intervention because every conversation you have ends with you talking about “The Innate”

18. And anytime someone bashes the TIC or the TOR someone tells you to have a Snickers because you start Hulking up

19. To which reply that stuff is “sugary garbage and you just need an adjustment”

20. You get Chiropractic Tattoos

21. The very first thing you think of after your child is born is getting them adjusted

22. And making sure they stay away from getting vaccinated

23. AND You’re coming to the ChiroSushi Summit

So you can hang with other ChiroWarriors!

ChiroSushi Summit