December 20, 2016

Mentors and Consistency: Interview with Entrepreneur John Sung Kim

By chirosushi In Audio, Chiropractic Success, Podcast, Practice Management

The Founder and former CEO of Five9 and DoctorBase shares his thoughts and insights

From the humble roots of growing up in a liquor store to creating a publicly traded company, John Sung Kim has enough lessons learned in business to write a book.

John Sung Kim, founder and inventor of the cloud software company Five9, which went public on the NASDAQ market in 2014 at a $350 million valuation. He has also acted as an adviser to venture-capital funded start-ups such as Odesk, RingCentral, Qualys, 6connect, and LGC Wireless. Kim served as the CEO of the mobile healthcare company which was just acquired by Kareo, a provider of cloud-based software and services for small medical practices.

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Listen as we go all over the place on role playing, marketing, Wantrepreneurs, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Gary V, and more

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