December 20, 2016

Meet the Elon Musk of Chiropractic Philosophy

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Making Philosophy fun, digestible and affordable!

If you follow Dr. Simon Senzon on social media, you’re sure to be amazed and entertained by the quality and amount of historical Chiropractic content he shares.

Well the good news is that he has packaged this content and more into one of Chiropractic’s best new startups: The Insitute Chiropractic

Why do we call Dr. Senzon “The Elon Musk of Chiropractic?”

Because he’s making Philosophy easier and more accessible while also allotting it the pedestal it deserves.

This site is AMAZING!

We at ChiroSushi got an all access pass over the weekend and just got lost in all the great content and the immersive user experience.

Do you want to improve your knowledge of Chiropractic Philosophy?

Do you want to learn more about the history of Chiropractic?

Do you want to help your business grow by igniting the flame of the “Why?”

Then signup today! (Sign Up for a Year Membership between now and 12/31/16 and we’ll send you a FREE PASS to the ChiroSushi Summit – just send a copy of your receipt to

Want to learn more and find out why we call Dr. Senzon the Elon Musk of Chiropractic? Listen to our interview below.

In this interview we go over:

  1. The “Why” you need the “Why”
  2. The importance of Philosophy for students and the business focused Chiropractor
  3. More info on his venture: The Institute Chiropractic
  4. Who is his favorite Chiropractic philosopher?
  5. Plus more!

Press play below to listen to the interview with Dr. Simon Senzon 

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