June 20, 2017

MD Marketing is Your Game Changer!

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Guest Post by Dr. Nicole Lindsey

Let’s face it. This job we have of running a chiropractic office is a game. It can be an extremely fun, rewarding and profitable game if we implement proper strategies. Most of the time the chiropractor enters the business world with no knowledge of marketing strategy and unfortunately falls flat on his face. research paper on impact of social networking sites on youth follow https://hudsonpubliclibrary.org/library/college-example-essay/92/ go here https://sdchirogroup.com/savings/kamagra-uk-email/33/ how long do sildenafil take to work here la viagra de 100 mg es igual de potente que el levitra de 10 mg https://zacharyelementary.org/presentation/how-to-write-a-dissertation-reflection/30/ buy cialis metro manila https://hhkidsdentist.com/advising/natural-viagra-substitutes-over-the-counter/81/ generic viagra with duloxetine enter https://lincolnnova.com/dailyuse/viagra-eshop/83/ iskustva sa cialisom taking cialis with or without food generic acyclovir https://doceremedspa.com/mgpills/amoxil-walmart/86/ how to write educational and career goals viagra feminino efectos secundarios viagra pills online canada essays of michel foucault college admission essay examples yourself https://reflectionsbodysolutions.com/doctor/viagra-price-in-bangalore/82/ correct heading technique in football spirit of arkansas essay contest how to write phd synopsis down syndrome research paper topics click here https://workethic.org/order/can-viagra-cure-impotence-permanently/85/ nolvadex prescribing info https://mjcs.org/sitejabber/how-to-write-thesis-chapter-5/48/ There’s nothing more disturbing than hearing another colleague is leaving our profession to pursue a different career because he could not make it as a chiropractor. Game over!


There are three reasons our colleague typically lost his game. The most common reason for failure the chiropractor experiences in this game is not enough new patients. Marketing for new patients is the most important strategy a chiropractor can implement into their business plan. However, most chiropractors fail to learn and implement this strategy. I understand. You may feel like you wear too many hats in the game or practice and you don’t have time to wear this one. Get over it. All businesses in every industry wear this hat and you must too if you want to win your game.


The next biggest challenge in winning this game is the expense of marketing. This is the second reason our colleagues are losing their game. We all want to buy Park Place in Monopoly, but it doesn’t always make sense to spend the money.  Marketing can cost big bucks. Advertising online alone can break the bank; cost of website, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, click funnels, CRM software for email marketing… and this is just one stream of marketing. Bottom line, we need cost saving strategy when it comes to marketing. Important cost strategies are to allocate a portion of your income back into marketing regularly and track your return on investment. More importantly, we need to figure out marketing strategies that are low cost so we can stay in the game.

Most of the marketing that chiropractors have been taught does not help position the chiropractor or the profession very well. This is the third reason chiropractors have lost their game- lack of credibility. I get it. We did what we had to do to survive. I stood in grocery stores in the meat section’s checking spines too. In order to win this game in today’s world, we need to have a strategy to build credibility. Not break it down. The marketing of the 1980’s went out of style along with high hair, leather pants and muscle cars. As a professional, you will not be able to win in this game if you do not position yourself as a credible source in your community.

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So how do you stay in the game as a chiropractor? The best way is to implement a winning marketing strategy. This strategy is MD marketing. Marketing to MD’s not only has the potential to help you build your practice, but this untapped market can potentially catapult our profession into a whole new game! Let me explain.


First, MD’s are great source for new patients. The number one reason patients come into your office is because of pain. Most of the time these patients are going to their MD first. In fact, according to a survey on what drives people to your office, the number two and four reasons respectively were, traditional treatments not working and MD recommended. Natural health care is trending and MD’s even want in on our game. They want to know what we do. Most MDs do not understand what we do, so they don’t even know that we are in option. In addition, MDs are looking for solutions for their patients that are responding to medical treatment. It is our job to build relationships with MDs and educate them on chiropractic. Once you do this successfully, you will have a consistent stream of new patients being referred to you by MD’s. A win-win situation for both MD and DC.


It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much you keep.  Right? MD marketing is an excellent way to help you win this part of the game. There will be some initial spending when you begin building relationships with MDs. However, once those relationships are established, you no longer need marketing funds for this source. The strategy can help lower your marketing cost drastically. I personally have MD’s in my community that have been referring regularly for over 15 years. There’s no better return on investment in this game!

Marketing to MD’s not only fills the tables in your office, but helps you gain insta-credibility in your community. This is the third reason MD marketing can be your game changer. As mentioned earlier in this article, chiropractors have subjected their community to marketing tactics that did not help the chiropractors image or that of our profession. It’s a no wonder we are often looked at like the ugly stepchild of healthcare. Marketing to MDs will help position you as a spinal authority in your community. MDs have had a long time to develop this professional image for themselves. And we cannot deny that they won that game! So, if these revered health professionals in your community trust and refer to you, their patient’s see the same image in you. This truly becomes the winning move in this game!

The truth is our profession has already won the game. Patients want what we offer. MD’s want to know what we do. We simply just need to step up and bridge the gap.

By educating and building relationships with MD’s in your community you can tap into that referral source and become an option for these patient’s. This connection will boost your practice and credibility while driving marketing costs down. This is a winning business strategy for the chiropractor that truly wants to win in this game of running a successful practice!


Dr. Nicole Lindsey is a practicing Chiropractor in Asheville, NC and the founder of Dominate Chiromarketing.  She teaches Chiropractor’s how to build profitable relationships with MD’s in their communities to bridge the gap between our professions.  Dr. Lindsey has developed these successful strategies over the past 15 years and intends to MOVE the CHIROPRACTIC NEEDLE by teaching others.  Though online webinars, live interaction and role playing with colleagues and MD’s, Dr. Lindsey’s MD Marketing program provides a unique learning experience that will help you DOMINATE your market!  

To learn more, please contact Dr. Lindsey at www.dominatechiromarketing.com