March 20, 2017

This MD Turned Social Media “Star” Takes Shot At Subluxations

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Kevin MD answers question about natural health

From Some “natural” remedies aren’t natural

Chiropractic (invented by D.D. Palmer in 1895) relies on identifying and treating “subluxations” that do not exist on X-rays or any other objective test. Modern chiropractors have acknowledged that their subluxations are more of an idea than a real thing, but most of them insist that treating these non-existent things is helpful. (Not all chiropractors subscribe to this belief — a small group is trying to distance themselves from the dogmatic belief in Palmer’s subluxations. I wish them well.)

Seems Kevin MD might want to look at: Dr. Heidi Haavik Subluxation Research and the scans and technology from Dr. David Fletcher’s CLA

This isn’t the first time Kevin MD or his blog have made a statement on Chiropractic.

On Chiropractic and Headaches

“Thus, chiropractic care is certainly better than nothing for low back pain, but definitely not better than conventional medication. It certainly is more expensive. I would consider it in those where medication is not appropriate.”

and of course: Sending your child to the chiropractor: Be very careful

The good news…

We’re making strides in the MD world. The ChiroSushi Summit is going to feature a Harvard-trained OBGYN who not only refers all her prenatal patients to DC’s but has been a lifelong patient of Chiropractic, including using it in her cancer treatment recently.

The Evidence Based Chiropractor, also at the ChiroSushi Summit,  is making it easier to bridge the gaps between our two communities with digestible research at your fingertips.