December 5, 2016

This is one of the BIGGEST growth opportunities for Chiropractors

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This is a guest post from Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid of the Evidence Based Chiropractor

Dr. Langmaid is Featured at our Sunday All-Star Social Media Panel at ChiroSushi Summit


This post is made possible by friends like Erchonia

This post is made possible by friends like Erchonia

Marketing to medical doctors is the biggest growth opportunity for chiropractors in the modern healthcare landscape.

Let me repeat that…

Marketing to medical doctors (or other physicians) is the BIGGEST growth opportunity for chiropractors to improve their practice.

I am not talking about selling your soul or becoming a cut rate pharm rep. Nor I am alluding to altering your practice style or compromising your integrity. canterville ghost novel review essay is taking viagra bad for you is cialis safe to use cause and effect paper for college blood brothers essay help energy policy thesis thesis antimicrobial activity medicinal plants doxycycline interstitial cystitis que es el viagra del himalaya karl max dissertation how can i add a new email account to my iphone ma fa male il viagra sector matrix essays essay of sports day at school follow link before and after pics of accutane teaching a thesis statement in middle school prednisone and half life ap rhetorical analysis essay template example a family trip essay consumer behaviour essay questions and answers erectile dysfunction meaning in tamil stake case study research go site good thesis for persuasive speech clomid cycle chicks symptoms advanced college essay 6th edition nursing essays samples go site I am talking about positioning your practice while highlight the chiropractic adjustment.

How many direct referrals did you receive from another healthcare provider last month?

Zero? One? Two?

We have one of the most safe and effective forms of healthcare ever created and we haven’t even reached the tip of the iceberg for how many patients we could be serving. There are a lot of factors which have played into this situation, but today we are going to not talk about the past, but rather talk about the future and what you can do immediately to influence change (and GROWTH).

There are 3 key factors to building referral relationships with other providers in your community. 


Let’s talk about how you can start using these 3 factors immediately.

Case Notes– case notes showcase the social proof that patients are improving in your office. It’s all about emphasizing co-management and reducing friction. There is no better way than social proof.

Now don’t get all crazy with your notes. Keep them short (patient name, date of service, diagnosis, treatment plan) and send on eval, re-eval, and discharge from active care.

Meetings– Oh, the illustrious meetings. Have you taken a meeting in the past and gotten nowhere? Well, there is a simple plan of action you can implement to make sure you crush your meetings, building rapport, addressing the hindrances to referrals, and ensuring follow-up. It’s a little long to include here. So here is a direct link to download my exclusive free MD Meeting Cheat Sheet.

Monthly Research– Finally, we have monthly research. There is simply no better way to position your practice than to provide VALUE to other providers. Let’s face it. Most chiropractors aren’t even keeping fully  up-to-date with the latest research articles. So how can we expect other providers to?

One of the best value-add’s you can give is to update other healthcare professionals on advances in conservative care AND showcase how it impacts their practice. This means the research needs context and action-items.


We do this each and every month for our members. (Click here to learn more) But, you can also do it yourself by setting a PubMed alert for research published regarding chiropractic and then producing your own research updates for your referral partners in town.

It’s time to create a better practice. Its’s time to impact more people and influence future generations at a faster rate. There is no better way to do so than to build relationships with other providers and physicians in your town. I know you can do it. 

About the Author

I am a practicing chiropractor. My current practice is with one of the nation’s largest spine care providers.

Highlighting the unique and distinct practice of chiropractic to other physicians has driven the development of The Evidence Based Chiropractor.  Our neighbors and community members need us to establish referral relationships with other physicians and provide them with efficient and effective conservative care.

I am fortunate to be considered a leading speaker, writer, and thought-leader regarding interdisciplinary communication and marketing.  If you are looking to become involved in a multidisciplinary practice or just build referral relationships with local medical doctors; I invite you to contact me and take advantage of The Evidence Based Chiropractor.

Dr Jeff Langmaid

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