January 24, 2017

Are You Looking For Patient Mastery?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Communication

Who the heck is this guy walking around Manhattan with a selfie stick?

I dig people who just say “f**k it…let’s do it.”

Always have. Always will.

And walking around New York City filming yourself with a camera phone while talking Chiropractic takes gusto!

I had to learn more

So after months of watching videos from this dude strolling around NYC and talking patient communication, I had to finally reach out to learn more.

So we chatted briefly and then set up a podcast.

Then he sent me some of his content for his upcoming program he was going to launch called Patient Mastery.

And I was blown away.

Dr. Josh Wagner not only gets it but he brings it with his Patient Mastery program.

We went down the rabbit hole of his new program on Facebook Live Event and it made me even more excited!

So here is why we think this is such a no-brainer…

  1. It’s super digestible
  2. It’s affordable
  3. It is great for the staff
  4. It includes a strategy session (recorded) with one of the top hostage negotiators

Wait, what? 

Chris Voss, former lead FBI international kidnapping negotiator turned owner of The Black Swan Group joins Dr. Josh Wagner.

“I was excited to hear he was looking forward to sharing with Chiropractors. Because he’s personally walked out on doctors in the past who DIDN’T LISTEN TO HIM…Our interview focused specifically on the Chiropractic new patient consult.The patient who expects insurance to cover everything
but then finds out it won’t…Or has reservations if the care recommendations are right
for them…And he shared 3 incredible principles that can be used immediately in your practice.”- Dr. Josh Wagner

That’s worth the $97 alone!

We believe so much in this product that the first 10 people to purchase over the next 48 hours will get a free pass to the ChiroSushi Summit

ChiroSushi puts their money where their mouth is!

*Does not include CE Fee ($35)

* Only offered to first 10 that purchase Patient Mastery

So if you’re ready to help your practice, team, and patients:

Go Get Patient Mastery!

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