January 10, 2019

Liam Schubel: It’s Not Easy Being “The Trump of Chiropractic”

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

“I always thought you were an asshole…But you are not”

That was at Mile High 2018…

Or was it 2017.

I can’t remember.

Maybe it was SummerCamp.

All I know is there always a few people that say that to Liam Schubel on a regular basis.

But why?

I think it really comes down to a small minority that speak at high volumes.

Because this is the REAL Liam Schubel

The Real Liam Schubel stands by his word

“You got to hear this guy. Oh my god – Jim Parker would have loved this guy. Tristan he’s so smart and funny.”

This was my Dad a few years ago.

When we were starting the ChiroSushi Summit (now SummerCamp) – he was his first choice for speaker.

We booked him but a few months later we found out that Sherman Chiropractic College was scheduling their event for the same weekend.

I emailed Liam to let him know and we would understand that his role as Board Member would take precedence over our event which didn’t have any record of attendees versus Lyceum which had years.

Liam replied back – “Don’t worry. I’m there.”

Speaking of Sherman

There have been many events including last years SummerCamp where Liam Schubel was given the task as “Closer” for Sherman lunches.

These lunches are designed to help recruit regents and donors and Liam has had a stellar history of leading and closing thousands upon thousands of dollars more compared to other colleagues.

But no one talks about it.

Liam the Bully

This is my favorite standard thing I hear in Chiropractic.

I often think about my mentor John Sung Kim who co-founded a billion dollar IPO and our company DoctorBase who was called the same by former ex-employees and teammates who either:

  • Couldn’t Work Hard Enough
  • Were Doing UnEthical Things And Were Terminated
  • Lost

I see the same thing with Liam.

He wins IFCO Presidency and the losers call him a bully.

He has a few Chiropractors who worked for him in South America and they couldn’t “cut the cheese” so they moved on and label him a bully.

Or even colleagues who just don’t have the tenacity to FIGHT like Liam does for Chiropractic so they just give up and…well…call him a bully.

But the winners who surround him and call him a friend know the truth.

In fact, Liam Schubel has tried to cross barriers – even doing so where he knows he might ruffle the feathers of his friends.

The truth is Liam Schubel is a good man, a great father, husband and one of the best advocates for ChiropracTIC we have ever had.

So much so that others labeled him “The Modern Day Sid.” for comparison to the great defender Sid Williams.

And even that puts some “butt-hurt” in others – WHO SHOULD BE SUPPORTING HIM!

But hey, those are the real EGO’s in TIC.

That’s why I like to call Liam Schubel: “The Donald Trump of TIC”

I hope you can learn more by enjoying our recent podcast together.

I also hope you can open yourself to supporting the IFCO as Liam Schubel continues to implement excellent strategies for protection and growth.

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