February 17, 2019

Is Your Voice Holding You Back From Converting Chiropractic?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

Could your voice be the reason you’re not further ahead in your career by now?

Here is some great content from SummerCamp Counselor Roger Love

The fact is, most people’s voices don’t SOUND like the job title they have.

However the most successful people I know have all managed to align who they are as a professional with how they sound when they speak. They enjoy a seamless synergy between how they want to be perceived–all their good intentions and credibility–with the way people actually perceive them, every time they speak.

The fact is, no matter your career choice, this rule applies:

Good intentions don’t always create good communications!

Here are 3 small adjustments that can make a big difference in the way clients perceive you and how they feel when you speak to them. (Watch the video lesson for more details and tips you can start applying, tonight!)

1. Add ascending melodies to uplift your listeners

2. Align your pace with your desired energy level

3. Tune your volume to showcase the right level of strength

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