February 17, 2016

Is this the Chiro Technology the NFL Needs?

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Technology


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What is it?


Who Invented it?

Dr. Patrick Kerr, who played as a linebacker as a youth and remains an avid football fan, believes that the league has put too much emphasis on trying to reduce violent tackles, instead of looking at how to diminish their impact. Over a decade ago, he created the “Kerr collar” to protect players’ necks, which has already found widespread success in college football.

“I really believe we’re not looking at football the way we should,” Kerr told MSNBC on Tuesday. “We’re looking at trying to avoid it as a collision sport. This is a collision sport.” – read more here


A series of 48 tests were conducted at Virginia Tech. Given their prior research with football helmets, the school’s resources were sufficed for this range of study. Dr. Kerr has previously met with Dr. Stefan Duma, Virginia Tech’s leading sports concussion expert, 10 years prior, where he broached the idea to transfer forces away from the head and neck during collision. Dr. Kerr’s research is some of the more expansive neck testing ever done in football – read more here

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