February 17, 2016

Is this 2016 Marketing Trend the Key to Chiropractic Domination?

By Tristan Schaub In Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing

Data Driven Content Marketing

It’s one of the reasons the pharmaceutical companies grow so big, so why couldn’t Chiropractic dominate with this method?

First – What is Data Driven Content Marketing?

Data-driven journalism, often shortened to “ddj“, is a term in use since 2009, to describe a journalistic process based on analyzing and filtering large data sets for the purpose of creating a news story

You see it a lot with infographics or visual content that tells a story from open source data, for example:

ChiroSushi Data Driven Marketing

“We’re not lacking in data, but what we don’t have is narrative. There is a dearth of good storytelling,” said Roy Sekoff, founding editor of The Huffington Post and co-creator at HuffPost Live. Sekoff added that distinct viewpoints and authenticity are the key hallmarks of modern storytelling. “People don’t want the view from nowhere anymore,” he said (Source)

Why Should a Chiropractor commit to doing Data Driven Content Marketing in 2016?

  1. Because it will help convert and retain patients with your vision
  2. It will help spread Chiropractic
  3. It will make your social media marketing dynamic and shareable
  4. It’s smart

What are some tools that can help a Chiropractor with Data Driven Content Marketing?

The first thing we would suggest is start compiling your own data sets with your patients.  Using a tools like Device Magic or iFormBuilder can help you and your office go paperless for data collection.

Other tools to collect data could be Survey Monkey and Google Surveys along with already researched open source data systems such as the US National Libary of Medicine.

Also, a tool like Buzzsumo can help you figure out what is already going viral.

Lastly, some visual tools such as Canva and Infogram can help your data tell a more efficient story.