December 10, 2019

Is Phygital Marketing for Chiropractors the Win in 2020?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

Let’s Get Clinical and Phygital

Phygital Marketing is exactly what it sounds like- a combination of physical and digital marketing.

It is a fresh take of engaging with patients (both in-office and online simultaneously) that has many potential applications for brand engagement and business growth.

Phygital takes the best components from the digital experience like immediacyimmersion, and speed and the chance to interact with people, the solution, and more that you get from a brick-and-mortar practice experience.

This is the best way to satisfy a patient that is demanding, hyper-connected, and is looking to meet their needs through multiple platforms.

The demographics that best fit the bill for the ideal consumers of phygital experiences are Millennials and Generation Z.

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The big idea or word here is enrichment — of experiences, of exchanges and interaction.

It’s what’s making things a whole lot different in the digital age.

And in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital technology and personal touchpoints with customers are merging to create the ‘Phygital’ landscape.

Example Strategy

You should be doing some very smart and creative things with your mailing list already, such as email drip campaigns, but you can take it a step further.

When an email offers a physical reward, you adjust the phygital marketing right on C1.

Your patients must interact with you in a digital way in order to collect a physical reward.

But what about trying another “listing?”

Ask patients at a physical location to offer their email address or mobile and they will have a digital award waiting in their inbox.

These are great ways to both grow and exploit your list, creating brand loyalty in the process.

Helpful tools and Platforms in the Chiropractic space to get Phygital

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