September 7, 2016

An Ironman’s Story of Perseverance through Pain and Injury with Help from Chiropractic

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What an amazing Chiropractic Story

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“If it wasn’t for Blue Chip Chiropractic I wouldn’t be doing the IronMan”

We wanted to share this for two reasons.

    1. For Patients – This is a great example of how Chiropractic can integrate into your dreams and goals.
    2. For Chiropractors – This is standard setting marketing and education – We would definitely recommend taking a look at some more videos from this practice. Even their print advertising is on point:

We met Cynthia at our office on a Thursday morning, cameras at the ready! We asked her we could document/share her initial and subsequent experience with Blue Chip Chiropractic. She gave us a sideways glance, but agreed. And we believe she is happy with the solutions she found at our office.
Cynthia is strong, determined, and inspiring. And I am grateful to be her chiropractor.



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