March 3, 2017

How To “Chubbify”Your Chiropractic Practice

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Tom Montgomery and Preston Rutherford are two of the four founders of Chubbies Shorts. Chubbies is waging a war on pants by liberating thighs around the world with short shorts, the kind your parents wore back when they were “cool.”

In their talk at HustleCon, Tom and Preston discuss how they’ve created an incredibly loyal customer base through social media, community, and an unwavering commitment to their brand. Sky’s out, thigh’s out at

Have A Great Product

Um…this one is easy for Chiropractic – What is a better product than Chiropractic…come on!

But having a great Chiropractic product sometimes means just keeping it simple and getting back to basics – like the Chubbies shorts.

The best Chiropractic product is the doctor behind the product. One filled with love and that is present during each and every interaction with the patient.

Relentless Focus on Content

From Dinner and Health talks streamed LIVE on Facebook to Unique User Generated Infographics scaled for Instagram – there has been no better time to become a #ChiropracticMediaEmpire.

The key is to be consistently consistent and have a variety of “channels” operating for your benefit.

The most bang for your buck approach is a consistent blog – at least once a week. That way you are getting social (branding) and search (conversion) marketing all-in-one.

Community Integration

This is Chubbies secret sauce and probably will be the hardest one for Chiropractors to conquer.

But can they do it?



Come to the ChiroSushi Summit to find out

*ok, that is a cop out – we have to give you one idea right?

So Chubbies is really good at getting their customers to create content for them – typically in the form of Instagram photos:


Young men take pride in sharing their epic photos of awesomeness while wearing their Chubbie’s shorts.

Dr. Ryan Bones from ChiroSushi Reppin Chubbies

Why not inspire your patients to share photos of them being Super Awesome Healthy post-Chiropractic Adjustment and then rewarding the best photo with a special prize every month?

You can come up with a hashtag for monitoring and give them ideas like:

  • Epic photo of them doing a physical activity
  • Food porn of healthy foods
  • Buying a health book
  • Giving out your business card

There are plenty of ways to get your patients to feel ownership in their health and your practice with social media today – you just got to think outside the box!

Great Customer Support

Is the first touch point in your office a WoW experience?

Are systems of patient communication streamlined in your office?

Do you have a feedback loop?

Are you making post adjustment phone calls with new patients?

Do you send random acts of kind thoughts through letters, cards and more?

Do have a patient loyalty program in place?


It’s time for Chiropractors to be the weird, lovable and authentically true breed we are!

As ChiroCulture founder Hannah Nelson says:

The most beautiful moments of my day are when someone chooses to open up and be their full, authentic selves. No hiding, no comparing, no conforming, just being.You being your full self, telling your story, letting your light shine… THIS is beautiful. Be you to FULL. This is beautiful. “


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