December 8, 2016

How John Lennon Helped Me Become a Better Chiropreneur

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Technology, Marketing, Marketing Tools, Practice Management

Tomorrow Never Knows

Try something new and disruptive when it comes to getting your CE's.

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And Your Bird Can Sing…

John Lennon inspired so many in his life that was brutally taken away on a cold December night.

We thought we look at how John Lennon inspired the Chiropreneur in us!

To Be Leader You Need to Believe and Lead

I always loved the story John told about when the Beatles would get down in the dumps as they struggled to make it.

He best explains it here:

John really was the leader of the Beatles. He was like a lighthouse and when he was “on” he could light the way.

The same could be said for when he was “off.”

It was well known during a brief period that John had developed a heroin problem and his craft deeply suffered. Not soon after the Beatles split.

To be a true Chiropreneur you need to have your A game and you need to believe to lead.

There are going to be tough moments in your practice that do not make sense. Like when money is not coming in but the epic results of your patient are!

Focus on the promised land (or as Lennon would say the “Popermost”), define the promise land and invoke emotion in your team to help you get to the promise land.

You need to have tenacity and you need to “Practice”

When the Beatles went to Germany they really honed their craft.

Lennon said: “We had to play for hours and hours on end. Every song lasted twenty minutes and had twenty solos in it. That’s what improved the playing.”

Malcolm Gladwell dives even deeper into this subject as only Malcolm Gladwell can:

Have a Brand

Lennon was keenly aware of his brand and what it represented. Do you need help with your branding?

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Learn and mold yourself from others

Lennon was famous for falling head over heels for other artists, writers and creative types. He would go through “phases” such as his Dylan phase where he adopted Bob Dylan’s style of songwriting.

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This made John a better writer and also a better communicator.

This is also why we have committed to finding the most successful and motivated experts to lead and teach at the ChiroSushi Summit.

You will never know it all. Plus surrounding yourself around like minded and successful practitioners will only do you and your practice good.

Be Different

Outside the box would really define John Lennon (he was the Walrus after all) and so should it define your practice development.

Lennon didn’t take the traditional route of marrying a blonde model; instead, he chose to marry an artist who challenged him.

Lennon did and said things that invoked visceral reactions and didn’t follow the same route of everyone else.

You need to live and dream your life in color to be a successful practice owner and you need to disrupt the s**t out of things.

Instead of a Dinner with Doc how about a Breakest in Bed with the D.C.

Instead of a wellness talk how about a wellness drum circle

Instead of showing a film…Be the Film…huh…huh…

Be different.


And All You Need is Love


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