February 12, 2016

Here is your opportunity to make a difference in another person’s day

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

There Are
Minutes in a Day...Here is one Way to Make a Difference

“How are Ya?”

It happens several times a day. You walk into the local grocery store, your bank, the gas station to be greeted “hi, how are ya?”  In fact you probably ask this same question of folks you meet each and every day.  What’s the usual response of the majority of people to this ever so common question?  More often than not it’s something like “fine” or “okay”, maybe just a smile and nod of the head. 

There are some people who seem to regard this simple question as a test.  They answer “well, okay considering” or “fine, I guess” or “well, on a scale of one to ten I think I’m about a seven today.” 

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Do you really think the person asking “how are ya” really cares about how you really are.  Probably not.  They are just making an effort to acknowledge your presence.  They are verbalizing the fact they do see you.  This is their way of greeting you in a rather pleasant manner.  Fact is they really don’t care how you are.  Fact is they expect the standard responses they get.

  Here is your opportunity to make a difference in another person’s day….even their life.  Here is your chance to make someone smile; make their day better.  How, you may ask, can responding such a routine question make a difference in someones life?  Simple….don’t offer the routine, expected reply.  Give them something they would have never expected.

   So, when asked you respond by saying (in a little louder voice than usual) GREAT, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS OR TREMENDOUS, how bout you?  Another, little longer response, may be “I’M SO GOOD I CAN’T TELL YA” or “I’M SO GOOD I CAN’T SHARE IT WITH YA.” 

The immediate response from the person who asked is a smile accompanied by a little giggle or laugh.  You may even get another one word question…..”really?”  They may even say something like “well that’s great….I’ve a few “okay’s” and “goods” today but you are my first “TREMENDOUS.”  What you have just done by responding to such a mundane, automatic greeting is make that person smile.  You’ve brightened their day. 

What you have done by this very simple, unexpected response is start a life changing event.  You go to the same clerk at the grocery store day after day.  Each time you go to your bank you respond to the tellers in the same manner.  It won’t be too long before these individuals will break out in a smile as soon as they see you come in the door.  You have put a little sunshine in their otherwise dull days.  You have made a difference in the life of another.


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