November 30, 2016

Here is One Epic Way to Reward Your CA For the Holiday

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management

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Major tech companies are doing it so why can’t Chiropractic practices?

I have this really great assistant at one my practices. Her name is Mae

Mae does everything to make the patient experience go phenomenal day in and day out. She makes sure that the doctor is prepared and that their job is easier. She also brings in new patients by just being her awesome self outside of work.

But she never takes a vacation!

We finally forced PPTO on her

One day I came into the office and said:

“Mae, you and I are going to plan your vacation…where would you like to go?”

She gave me the usual responses:

“I don’t know. I can’t take time off. I can’t afford it.”

I repeated:

“Where would you like to go?”

She finally relented and said “Miami.”

So we booked her plane ticket, her hotel and I wrote her a check for $1500.


AirBnB is doing it

And so are other disrupters.

Bart Lorang the CEO of Full Contact  (smart, cloud-based address book from anywhere, on any device.) wrote in a blog:

“Paid Vacation? That’s Not Cool. You Know What’s Cool? Paid, PAID Vacation.”

In addition to the standard 15 days paid vacation plus federal holidays, the company would give employees $7,500 to finance a trip. That’s $7,500, on top of their full salaries.

There were just three rules:

  1. No checking work emails, texts, or calls.
  2. No working, period.
  3. You have to actually go on vacation or you don’t get the money.

It will help your bottom line

BambooHR (HR software for small and medium business sets HR free to do great work. And if HR is free to do great work, great work takes place.) also sees the benefits:

Increased productivity. 72 percent of HR pros believe that employees who take more vacation are more productive because of it. Vacations (even forced vacations) help prevent burnout and give employees much-needed restarts. Just like every work week needs its weekend, every year needs its vacations.

Improved well-being. Travel offers what you simply cannot get from the comfort of your home. As the Roman philosopher Seneca put it, “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” Employees’ minds and souls are rejuvenated when they vacation, they become more well-rounded people, and they gain perspectives that are invaluable.Not to mention your company culture gains a little … well, culture.

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What did Mae think?

Well, she came back ready to rock…and our numbers went up…

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