February 12, 2016

Have you ever wondered why patients come to you?

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

    Truth is the majority of people don’t really think of themselves as being much different than anyone else.  Fact is everyone is different.  Even identical twins are different.  That’s pretty special.

     Have you ever wondered why patients come to you?  Is it the location of your office?  Is it where you received your education?  Is it the ease in which an appointment can be made at your office?  Is it because they like your staff?  Is it your treatment technique(s)  Is it your personality or they like the way your dress?  Could it be they have been told you are the best Chiropractor in the world?  Really….why did they pick you as their Chiropractor and not the doctor down the street, around the block or across town?

     No doubt there are colleagues in your area who graduated from the same Chiropractic college as you.  There are colleagues who have attended the same post graduate classes as you; Chiropractors who employ the same techniques as you.  Surely there are other Chiropractors who have a very friendly/helpful staff.  In fact you likely have patients who reside much closer to a colleague of yours than you.  Even so this patient has chosen you as their doctor. They enthusiastically refer family members, friends and their neighbors to you.  Why is that?  The reason is you are very unique, you are very special.  Very unique and special to them.

          Think about it…..you are a Chiropractor.  There are about sixty thousand Chiropractors throughout the world.  Considering the total population Chiropractors make up a very special group of those millions upon millions of people.  No one can do what Chiropractors do except Chiropractors….that’s pretty special.  Not only can no other health professional do what Chiropractors do, no other Chiropractor can do what you do.  That makes you very special indeed! 

     Everyone has some days that are better than others.  Everyone, on occasion, feels a bit down.  There are some who question whether they have made the correct career choice.  There are times when one may wonder if the service they are rendering is worth the effort, time and expense it is taking to do so.  Should you ever have self doubts remember the world needs what you have to offer.  YOU ARE, INDEED, PRETTY SPECIAL!

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