September 1, 2016

Why Your Practice Is Expected To Grow (In Spite of YOU and YOUR Problems)

By William Schaub, D.C. In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management, Quote


-Problems are wonderful things! They enable us to create Solutions . Solutions enable us to grow, develop comma straight and our creativity, and add zest to our living.-

Do you have problems? Good.

It is an indication you are normal . We all have problems.

Years ago at a seminar, I took the advice of Charlie tremendous Jones and prayed for problems every morning. I knew I was going to have problems anyway, therefore I knew God would answer my prayers. He has provided wonderful epilogue to each test of faith, whether it be personal, professional, financial or business, and I thank him for showering His blessings upon me. Of all the Wonders, man, himself, is the most wonderful.

Charlie Tremendous Jones

Charlie Tremendous Jones

Man is wonderfully made mentally. He is endowed with capabilities of reason far superior to the beasts of the fields , the fowls of the air , or the fish of the sea. None of these can add, subtract, multiply, divide, smile or cry.

Man is wonderfully made linguistically. A bird can chirp, a cat can meow, a dog can bark, but not one of these can express thoughts and words and convey ideas in sentences . Who ever heard of an animal writing a book?

Man is wonderfully made physically. No circulation can equal the heart. It pumps 5 quarts of blood through 100000 miles of blood vessels in about 60 seconds. Is any radio or telephone so wonderful and efficient as the voice in the air? No camera is as perfect as the eye. No ventilating system is as wonderful as the nose lungs and skin.

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Man is so wonderfully and fearfully made that when he is in normal health, his body temperature is maintained at a constant 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It behooves science to develop a thermostat with such a high degree of accuracy.

Our creator is growth-oriented, and every creation – the baby, the seedling, the sapling, the puppy, the kitten, the doctor, your practice and your finances are also expected to grow .

Surrender your problems to a higher being and you will find that:

Life is full of beautiful things, beautiful things it’s true. Life is full of wonderful people, wonderful people like you .

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