June 20, 2017

The Hands Down #1 Issue in Chiropractic Practice

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Communication

Guest Post from Dr. Josh Wagner – Founder and Creator of Patient Mastery

Last week I returned from Barcelona to cold and overcast NYC.
It was one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with incredible weather
and for 5 FULL days I ONLY saw 5 hours of sunlight…!
Let’s back up 5 weeks…
I randomly came across a video interview with Eric Edmeades.
I’d never heard of him…
He caught my attention with a story about how he missed a lunch a few years ago.
Not just any lunch…
It was going to be him, Bill Clinton and Tony Robbins.
Would you have liked to be a fly listening on that wall?!
So who is Eric and why’s he having lunch with Bill and Tony??
Eric retired in his 30s after selling the company he created from scratch 8 years prior.
But he realized if he’s not following his passion and always growing… life gets boring quickly…
So he bought a Hollywood Studio…
Yea, I was also thinking “How does that even work?”.
Being a huge Star Wars fan growing up…
He bought the studio that did it’s effects.
And then worked on films like Avatar and some other cool ones I forget.
Then he sold that business.
All the while he was on and off speaking throughout the world.
And when he sold the studio he decided he wanted to get back into speaking full time.
To share his message and passion.
To make a difference for the audiences he’s in front of.
And since then he’s worked with Tony Robbins as the ONLY other fixed presenter
at Tony’s Business Mastery courses throughout the world [very impressive].
He frequently gets ranked the #1 speaker at conferences he attends by the audience.
And I understood why when I saw this interview.
First – he doesn’t memorize his talks…
He doesn’t sell to the audience from the stage…
He crafts presentations filled with engaging stories that move the crowd
and make him memorable years later…
And he’s adaptable.
He can alter the length of a presentation at any point for longer or shorter mid-talk…
And hands down he’s just a genuinely good person.
I wanted to learn from him.
Thus far in my life I’m not a stage speaker.
I’ve never truly trained on the craft, rarely do it, and frankly get pretty nervous about it.
And I didn’t want that to be a part of my life anymore.
For purely the personal side (not being confident in an area vital to sharing a message)
And also for making a bigger difference to bigger audiences.
6 weeks ago I was invited to be THE keynote at a Chiro Association’s annual conference.
I accepted.
5 weeks ago I saw Eric’s interview.
I pulled the trigger a week later and spent 5 full days with him (9am-midnight) in Barcelona.
The only sun I saw in Barcelona was the hour dinner break.
I dug in and focused, learned, trained, absorbed and PERFORMED.
When the final day came for presentation competition I was awarded #2 overall.
The #1 spot went to an already stage speaker who came in with a prepared talk.
What’s the point of all this…?
I saw an important area in my life and career I wasn’t willing to put up with being STUCK at.
Holding back where I wasn’t already effective and inspired.
And with just weeks to go (and the most expensive training I’ve ever attended) I ENROLLED.
And I couldn’t be happier I chose to.
I got the structure for how to present so audiences are moved and inspired,
So the audience remembers what I’ve said and it makes a big difference in their lives.
…To overcome stage fright.
…To appeal to the entire audience and not JUST the ones with my personality and communication style…
…To be adaptable and prepared if I get called to do a talk in 24 hours
mid-talk I’m told I need to keep going for an EXTRA 30 min…
And even how to get a standing ovation EVERY time… (super easy trick!)
All of which I didn’t have the skills for before…
If it’s not super clear already:
I want you to not only succeed beyond your current expectations… but truly ENJOY the process getting there.
Not it being a burden to learn new practice strategies and use them.
But a freeing and joyful experience.
Because one doesn’t truly work without the other.
And most of what I’ve experienced is one sided…
So if you have ANY hesitancy interacting with new patients who expected
their insurance
to cover your care…
and then find out it doesn’t…
I’d love to show you how to inspire these patients to happily pay you and follow your recommendations
AND tell a lot more people about you.
That’s the #1 issue in Chiropractic practice right now.
Not new patient numbers…
New patient investment (conversion).

“I’ve Only Done Module 1 So Far and I’m 30% Busier.  Maybe More…

I Can’t Wait for the Rest of the Modules to Open!” – Get Patient Mastery
– Dr. Rina Tinozzi | Corte Madera, CA