November 14, 2016

A Golden Pearl: Chiropractic and Healing

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Sermons


Aside from being told we are not “real doctors” were often referred to as “quacks” and/or “witch doctors”; a comment frequently made to me by the uninformed was“you Chiropractors think you can cure anything, don’t you?!” Well, let me set the record straight.

In reality ,we Chiropractors don’t think, we know, we have never cured anything. In fact what Chiropractors do is so very simple, so very elementary, it is impossible for many (especially those super scientific geeks) to understand.

The human body is composed of multiple systems. The one main system that controls (either directly or indirectly) all others is the nervous system….the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

The majority of nerves travel from above down, inside out. From the brain down the spinal cord, out between the vertebral segments to all tissues and organs.

When a body become dis-eased the Chiropractor attempts to find and remove the cause as opposed to treating the effect. That specific area of the body is not functioning properly for a reason. That specific area of the body, for some reason, is vulnerable to negative outside forces such as bacteria, viruses, etc. It is the opinion of the Chiropractor that reduced function is likely the result of a reduced flow of controlling energy…..nerve energy rendering that organ, tissue, and cells incapable of fighting off those outside forces.

The most logical place for the interference of nerve energy flow to arise is at the spine. A so very slight movement of one or more vertebral segments (vertebrae) from their normal position. A condition Chiropractors have labeled…..vertebral subluxation.

The objective of the Chiropractor is, through a variety of means, locate the area of vertebral subluxation(s) and restore the vertebra or vertebrae back to their normal position thus restoring more normal nerve flow allowing the body to heal itself.

Despite more than 120 years of vicious attacks by organized medicine, the Chiropractic profession has grown from one man in one town treating one patient (1895) to the second largest healing science in the world with thousands of practitioners treating millions of patients. Is it not logical to assume that if Chiropractors were quacks and witch doctors this profession would have gone the way of the snake oil salesman.

Chiropractors heal nothing….they simply assist the body in its effort to health itself.