April 3, 2017

Getting Past Obstacles More Effectively

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

Back in my b-ball days, I’d slice through the defense and score at will.

Even as a smaller guy on the court.
But years later it changed.
I lost the confidence.
I stopped driving to the basket.
Here’s why:
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Here’s what I mean:
When I was young and scored at will
the 1st defender DIRECTLY in front of me was never even a consideration to me.
My focus was always on the 1 – 2 defenders behind him I had to get by after him.
And when I saw that opening happen beyond him, I just went.
I didn’t calculate my move or even his defensive position.
I just WENT.
I ACTED quickly.
The vision I saw beyond him PULLED ME FORWARD TO DO SO.
It’s because I didn’t give value to the defender

So he was never able to stop me.
I was by him before either of us thought about it.
Then it all changed…
I started GIVING MENTAL VALUE to that defender right in front of me.
My focus changed to needing to get past HIM first.
The result?

SO much harder getting past him now.
So I avoided it.
And it was a downward spiral from there…
I ended up quitting the varsity bball team before my senior year
to pursue Lacrosse.
And I was on Varsity as a sophomore and brought up as a freshman.
Think about areas of your life or practice:
Where are you looking at your immediate challenges?
Rather than your end vision…
Your End Vision that REALLY INSPIRES YOU.
When you prioritize your focus on your END VISION
you toss those smaller daily challenges to the curb.
The challenges that have you procrastinate.
The challenges that have you confused where to start.
The challenges that have you say “Next week”.
But when you see the end vision that inspires you…

You ignore those challenges
and realize they’re really not the issue stopping you.
But your attention and value and weight you give to them IS.
And that’s ONLY your perception.
So who or what is that pesky defender in front of you right now?
Are you letting them block your end vision?
Let this be the moment that breaks you free.
Look at your end vision.
Create it.
Act toward it.
It’ll all work out when you’re inspired and act.
And you’ll never regret doing so.
Here for you 100%,
Josh Wagner

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