April 26, 2017

Fwd: Chiropractor continues profession that’s been in his family for six generations

By chirosushi In Blurb, Chiropractic Success

The 26-year-old took over the practice of David Kreps, leasing the retired chiropractor’s clinic at 1675 Center Ave. W. in front of the AXIS Clinicals building.

Even before he knew what he wanted to do, Schmidt was familiar with the benefits of the manipulation of bones to treat sports injuries and aches.

His father, Bradley Schmidt, was a chiropractor, continuing the family legacy that had been carried out previously by his father, Robert Schmidt, as well as three generations before that beginning with Derk Tieszen Sr. in 1874—decades before D.D. Palmer founded this field of alternative medicine in 1895.


After the ship docked in New York, Derk, his family and a group of immigrants took a train to the Dakota Territory. A homestead was chosen about 50 miles north of Yankton, near what is now the town of Marion, SD. Derk Tieszen and his family began farming the next summer.
A fellow settler dislocated his shoulder and asked Derk to help. Word spread and Derk soon had other patients. In 1879, the railroad came, increasing Derk’s clientele to the point that he quit farming and dedicated himself to bone setting full time, at the family homestead.
In 1874, Dirk Tieszen, Sr. set a young girl’’s elbow while on an immigrant’s ship coming from Russia. Later he set the dislocated shoulder of Heimrick Schmidt of Marion, SD. This is very significant, as we had a practitioner in South Dakota before D.D. Palmer discovered chiropractic in 1895.
Dr. Dirk set fractures and adjusted the spine from 1874 -– 1913. He didn’’t speak English, didn’’t allow pictures of himself and didn’’t charge patients. They even stayed with him and ate from his table. Later he had a dish out for twenty-five cent donations. Dr. Dirk had 12 children, including Peter, the founder of the first Tieszen Clinic, and his younger brother (by 23 years), Dirk, Jr., founder of the second Tieszen Clinic, both in Marion. Several historic panels trace the further history of the Tieszen family.

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