December 22, 2016

The Future Of Chiropractic Looks Bright Thanks To These Students

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Events

A couple of months ago the ChiroSushi team connected with a young, vibrant and hungry for ChiropracTIC group based out of Logan College.

On January 7th/8th the founding fathers of ChiroSushi will join other Chiropractic leaders for an event being held by the future leaders of Chiropractic.

We circled up with the Philos to ask a few questions.

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The concept of the Renaissance Seminar was developed in June while a group of 5 students from Logan were sitting in Cleveland Chiropractic College for a Dynamic Essentials Intensive.  All of the speakers at the seminar, and all the people in attendance exuded love and passion for not only chiropractic but also for people.  At that point we questioned, why couldn’t we have a seminar like this in St. Louis.  It was at that point that the idea for The Renaissance Seminar was birthed, and we became a group of chiropractic students on a mission to be the change we wished to see in the world.

In preparation for creating the seminar there was a need to create an organization to create the seminar.  Out of that need The PHILOS was born.  We are a group of students that recognized our chiropractic school provided us with “little direction”. Throughout our career here at Logan we have experienced hundreds of seminars and near thousands of speakers collectively. Every time we would walk away from another amazing talk, we thought to ourselves “I wish the people of our school could hear this”. Thus, The Renaissance was born.

What about your relationship with the school? What do love? What can drive you up a wall sometimes?

Logan has been instrumental in helping us with the process of getting speakers in front of students.  Although we had the idea for the seminar, the execution was in question until we had our first guest speaker, Dr. Dan Sullivan.  At that point we realized that there were hundreds of students interested in the true chiropractic.  The school is very supportive of clubs and diversity, which has also been a huge help in the entire process.  Also Logan prepares its students very well for National Board Exams, allowing us to become legal doctors, which is helpful.

At Logan, and at many of the other chiropractic colleges across the country, chiropractic is not being taught.  The job of the schools is to make you a legal doctor, but they don’t prepare you to become a successful chiropractor.  We get educated in a medical model that neither understands nor respects the vitalistic philosophy of chiropractic.  Therefore many of the students are conflicted with the philosophy of chiropractic because the science classes do not support what has been realized through the historical track record of chiropractic.  Then the art of chiropractic is simply not being taught.  There is very little emphasis placed on the adjustment.  I feel as if the school believes it is used as another modality that can be useful for musculoskeletal conditions, but not much else.

What were some of the amazing insights you, the group and attendees got from the previous event?

The biggest insight that we took away from the last seminar is the difficulty of holding a seminar.  There are so many minor details that can easily be overlooked and even during the event, there is still work to be done. From the attendees, the majority of the feedback was that the information that was presented was something that they needed to hear.  Many stated that the information was new and “refreshing” and a lot of them gained confidence in what they really went to chiropractic school for.  Many of the students who attend Logan do not have an extensive chiropractic background, so hearing the principles of chiropractic provide an opportunity for many of the younger students to learn and develop an understanding of what the body is capable of doing once the intelligence within it is released.

What are you looking forward to for Jan 7th and 8th ?

In January I honestly hope we get some time to just relax and listen. The line-up is killer! I’m sure people think that we are promoting it so hard because we’re in charge, but I really want people there because it is going to absolutely, positively blow their socks off. These are huge names in Chiropractic, HUGE. The type of people that you would normally have to attend 5 different seminars to see. It is going to be one rock star talk after the other. There will be no time to breathe! I just can’t wait for other people to have the same excitement that we have when we hear these names!

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