April 1, 2018

Facebook Rolls Out New Verification Feature For Chiropractors

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

Now you can really can know if you should accept or not!

“It’s hard” says Dr. Barney Sands.

For years chiropractors have accepted friends on Facebook with little to no due diligence.  Leading to bewildered engineers housed at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park CA.

Often the only measure a Chiropractor needed was

  1. Do they share the same friends
  2. Do they have a BJ quote somewhere in the last 3 months

“We’ve never seen anything like it – There is no other industry that friends each other like Chiropractors. We don’t see it in tech, in the automobile industry, even strippers don’t all friend each other” says Yi Lee a Facebook developer tasked with their new project.

But this has created a conundrum. How do you really know who is a Chiropractor and who is not?

Dr. Barney Sands continues:

“Back in the day I use to be able to just accept everyone and now when I do I will often get a Facebook message right aways from someone asking me if I need leads! – I ask myself ‘What is this LinkedIn?”

Enter Facebook’s  “ChiroVerified”

Facebook’s data policy has taken a few punches this week but now you will be able to verify a true Chiropractor or not when accepting that friend request.

Yi Lee says “We’re very proud of this moment – We know Chiropractors need to be connected with as many other Chiropractors as possible”

To learn about the new feature and rollouts click here


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