April 13, 2016

Facebook F8 Day 1 Updates and What This Means for Chiropractors

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All the news from Facebook’s Dev Conference and how it aligns with Chiropractic’s Future

Facebook’s annual F8 conference is like looking into a crystal ball to see what Facebook will look like later this year or even a decade from now.

ChatBox for Chiropractic practices

It’s time for artificial intelligence-powered bots to take over Facebook’s Messenger app, according to Zuckerberg, especially when it comes to dealing with customer service representatives.

What does this mean for Chiropractic?

The future of scheduling appointments with a Chiropractor will probably be the most functional element of utilizing “Bots with Messenger”

But, we think the spin of not using this service will better serve DC’s and their patients. Being able to remain organic and natural while providing patient support will set the Chiropractor a part from their medical counterparts.

Facebook unveils “Surround 360” open source VR camera

How can Facebook get more 360-degree video in the News Feed and VR content on Oculus? By inventing its own virtual reality camera from scratch and open sourcing it so people can build their own and start shooting.

Today at F8, Facebook revealed the “Surround 360”, a 17-lens 3D VR camera that looks like a UFO on a stick and requires almost zero laborious post-production work, unlike most VR rigs. Facebook won’t be selling the Surround 360. Instead, later this summer it will put the hardware designs and video stitching algorithms on Github. All the parts can be bought online for $30,000.

What does this mean for Chiropractic?

Well, we’ll probably have to wait for a price drop on the unit but can you imagine what type of patient education content you could produce with this camera?

We also envision this to change the game when it comes to continuing education.

Facebook and Quote Sharing

Facebook is launching quote sharing with Amazon, which built quote sharing into its Kindle e-reader. Now instead of copying and pasting text from Kindle into Facebook, you can simply highlight it and share it to Facebook. Facebook will paste the text into a new post in block quote format, and include a full preview of the original URL. It’s similar to a feature that Medium introduced last year for sharing highlights on Twitter.

What does this mean for Chiropractic?

We all love sharing a great quote from copy or research articles, now Facebook is making this step a lot easier and more efficient.

Instant Articles

Following up on its promise in February, Facebook has opened up its Instant Articles platform to any publishers looking to take advantage of the format.

Instant Articles were introduced in May 2015 as lighter versions of articles that load almost immediately. As they open right from Facebook’s mobile apps, you aren’t constantly switching between apps to catch up on current events.

What does this mean for Chiropractic?

Facebook released some stats on the feature, indicating that Instant Articles are read 20 percent more often, have 70 percent better retention, and are shared 30 percent more often than regular pieces. In other words, making the Web faster makes people like the Web more – who’da thunk it?

Facebook starts allowing “Sponsored Messages” ads

These “Sponsored Messages” are currently in testing, with a small test of advertisers, and are being heavily monitored by Facebook to prevent them getting spammy.

The news confirms TechCrunch’s scoop from February about ads coming to Messenger, after we attained a presentation sent by a Facebook representative to one of its top advertisers outlining the forthcoming marketing product.

Facebook confirmed it will also be able to earn revenue with “Click To Message” News Feed ads that TechCrunch previously pegged as a way to monetize chatbots.

What does this mean for Chiropractic?

Honestly, this was our favorite drop.

Imagine running a campaign where you have a Dinner with Doc and then ask each one of your guests to message your Facebook page one thing they learned from the event.

Then, imagine you could send them a sponsored message that ensures delivery.

That’s just one example of this LinkedIn meets retargeting ad concept that we LOVE.

Facebook Tackles ‘Freebooting’ With Rights Manager Tool

Facebook is getting serious about tackling “freebooting.” The social media giant has launched Rights Manager, an admin tool which is intended to curb the dubious practice where Business Pages and celebs can rip videos from elsewhere, repost the copyrighted content on Facebook and grow their brands while robbing the content creators of views.

What does this mean for Chiropractic?

Simple: A tool to protect your content.

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