March 10, 2016

Does this Chiropractor’s YouTube Video with 10 Million Views Hurt or Help Chiropractic?

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Pop Culture

This video was created for Dr. Ryan Lee by Rhett and Link, the duo who started to create free low-budget commercials for small local businesses throughout the U.S. in the web series “I Love Local Commercials”. The success of these commercials spurred Rhett and Link to continue creating commercials and for

The popularity of the duo’s commercials garnered the attention of major advertising publications such asAdvertising Age and AdWeek, and their commercials were featured on CNN, NPR, The New York Times, Forbes, and TMZ

But does this video mock or help Chiropractic? Or is the goal just views and hits (which this video has accumulated over 10 million) and just hope to convert whoever you can?

When the video is being posted with titles like: The most unsettling TV advert for a chiropractor you’ll ever see – we have to question if the professionalism and ultimate care of Chiropractic care has been sacrificed for cute, fun and ultimately ego.

We’re sure that is not the case with Dr. Lee. We also bet he’s helped convert more new patients to Chiropractic which is great. But at what cost?

What do you think?


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