September 11, 2017

Why “The Best You Can” Is A Fabrication

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success
“I’m Doing The Best That I Can…”

BUSTED! I’ve said this before have you?

I actually remember saying that to my husband during a tiff a few months ago and it made me stop and think for a minute. “Barb-did you really just say that? You know there are numerous ways you can up your game as a ROCK STAR wife! Stop fabricating the truth and setting the bar so low.”

That’s right…I would bet that you’re just like me. You’ve probably said that to someone as well. And really, was it the truth? In the instance that you said it, did you KNOW you were capable of more?

So, if we know we’re capable of more what holds us back from being ALL-IN and taking MASSIVE action!?

Feelings! That’s what-our temporary feelings.

You see there are feelings that are in complete alignment with our dreams/goals and those feelings are our TRUE feelings because they are tied to our dreams/goals. Sandwiched in between our dreams/goals and our emotions are our actions. The fulfillment of our dreams/goals drive specific actions which yield incredible feelings of success, accomplishment, satisfaction, hope, energy, LIFE, etc. You with me?

Let me put this into real terms for you…let’s say my goal is to DOUBLE my business in 2017. I am sure that we can agree that the action that I have to take to DOUBLE my business is entirely different than the action that I would have to take to just grow my income this year by $10,000, $20,000 or even $200,000 this year depending on where I’m starting from.

And I am sure that we can agree that the emotions I associated with DOUBLING my income are far more desired than the emotions associated with not growing or just growing a little bit. You still with me?

See if you can identify which emotions go with which…on the right side: DOUBLE my business. And on the left side: stay the same/grow a small amount.

I’m scared to do new things.  Left side or right side?

I can’t afford to do anything different than what I am doing right now. Left side or right side?

I’m exhausted.  Left side or right side?

I don’t want to have to sell myself or chiropractic.  Left side or right side?

I’m frustrated. Left or right?

I can’t do that.  Left or right?

I don’t know how to do that.  Left or right?

I don’t have enough time. Left or right?

I’ve tried to do “that” before and it didn’t work. Left or right?

My family and I are worthy of living the life of our dreams! Left or right?

I will do whatever it takes to take my practice to the top! Left or right?

I LOVE chiropractic! Left or right?

I don’t now how to do that, but I am committed to getting the help I need to master it. Left or right?

My mission is to help people live to their optimum potential. Left or right?

We are SO excited to take our dream vacation this Christmas…especially because it’s already paid in full! Left or right?

You see it?

The major thing stopping you from DOUBLING your business this year is not the economy; it’s not the insurance company; it’s not even your boss if you’re an associate.

You’re being stopped by your emotions. Yep, those left-sided emotions.

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So, which emotions will you obey? The left side….your UNauthentic self or the TRUE you….the right side?

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Life is too short to play SMALL!!  GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Make the move today to honor YOU!

Dr Barbara Eaton