January 17, 2019

Do This Instead Of Your Old “Reactivation Campaigns”

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

From ChiroSushi’s Shawn & Lacey

Our mentor, Jay Abraham, insists that all businesses, but especially newer businesses, should have follow up strategies in place.

Earlier this year we sent our BDC group an email with some “morning after” follow up strategies.

Most implemented.

And prospered immensely.

Because that’s what we do in Black Diamond Club.

But it doesn’t end there!

Your follow up strategies must continue through the time that they are an “active” client.

But it doesn’t end there either!

Even after a client has gone “inactive” you must have follow up strategies in place.

If you have effective follow up, you will never find yourself doing a “Reactivation Campaign” ever again.

Any time I hear of someone doing a “Reactivation Campaign” I immediately think, “lazy, unorganized business with zero follow up strategies in place”.

Nobody likes pulling that giant list of hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who you have not seen in a while and the basically cold calling them and begging them to come back.

I don’t care what kind of Wolf of Wall Street script you’re working from, no one enjoys that!

Here is what we suggest instead…

Why not take two people EVERY DAY. Maybe you just think of two people you have not seen in a while or maybe you have your staff pick two people or if you’re old school, ok, go ahead and print that giant list and pick the first two. (I don’t like this strategy as I think you should be following up with people who you actually miss and want to see back in your practice – this is not a giant money grab – this is about PEOPLE!)

Then pull their file and read about their time with you. Remember why they initially sought you out?

Then call them.

Yes, YOU. Not some assistant who is doing your “Reactivation Campaign”.

Right there I just lost over half of you. You won’t do it.

You’re too righteous.

Not really, actually you just don’t CARE. If you really cared about the people and not about the money, you would call them yourself.


When you call, tell them that you were thinking about them today and you just wanted to call and see how they were doing.

If you get them on the phone and not an answering machine, ask them how their situation is (be specific!).

Either they are going to say they are doing great – and you are going to have the opportunity to celebrate that with them. Then you should say that you see a lot of people who are in the same situation and ask them what they did to get such great results.

This is going to go one of two ways…

Even if they saw another provider, you should ask them who and then you should follow up with the provider as they may be a potential referral partner or distribution channel!

Or, they are going to say they are not doing well – and you are going to have the opportunity to invite them back. Explore with them the reasons why they did not continue with you. Overcome their objections (If you cannot do this, you need the BDC Sales Workshop!) and loop them back to an opportunity to close.

Book the appointment right there.

I think that if you called two people a day as a part of your “Follow Up Strategy” you will be adding at least one or two reactivations to your books every week.

Most of you see reactivations almost as new clients.

Think about it…

Do you want 52 reactivations or more this year?

Or are you too cool to call your inactive clients and inquire how they are doing?

I don’t see how you lose.

If the lifetime value of a client was just $2,000 for you, this articl just made you $100,000 additional revenue this year.

And we just gave it to you for free.


Because we care and we actually do think about you all the time.

That’s all!

shawn & lacey