Every day I talk to providers who say they are still getting results from Print.

Now most digital internet evangelists would be shocked, laugh and probably dispute your results.

I’m not one of those guys.

I ran (and still own) a Med-Spa in Ventura CA. Ventura is a very old school conservative community, and when I arrived from Silicone Valley a few years ago, I noticed that locals still listen to the terrestrial radio and picked up the weekly newspapers.

Between 2012 and 2015 I invested $72,000 in local print and $61,000 in digital (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads) for my practice.

Here is what I found for my practice.

Print Advertising would generate an average of three new Liposuction patients from each ad (a return of $10,000 monthly)

Digital would provide nine new Liposuction patients a month ( a return of 34k a month)

So why wouldn’t I put all my ad-spend into digital?

Because a $10,000 return is still a great ROI and I have an ego. I’m like Steve Martin in the Jerk – “I’M FAMOUS”


But also you need to meet people where they are at – meaning some consumers are just great print targets. It might be age, income level or just a loyal reader.

Here are my print tips

  • Go Big or Go Home – Go for full pages, covers or inside cover
  • Be focused on one procedure (big-ticket preferably) to promote
  • Use Social Proof – Place your awards and honors on the ad copy
  • Content is King in Print – Just like digital, editorial content will sell your expertise
  • Demand Best Copy or Outsource – Most publishing companies have graphic designers, but they are lazy and use the same tried and true method. I would suggest using 99Designs to create ad copy using the AIDA principles.
  • Create a compelling CTA -Call to action and don’t be afraid to use humor!

How could you use a MyNewExpert Free Profile or Premium Profile with your print campaigns?

We are all about increasing conversions at MyNewExpert, and your profile can help your print ads with a better ROI.

  • Instead of directing consumers to your website, direct them to your MyNewExpert profile to give them a 3rd party perspective. 77% of consumers trust a 3rd party source.
  • Your MyNewExpert allows you add video to your landing page – create a call to action to watch a video on your MyNewExpert profile
  • MyNewExpert Premium offers a feature called Giveaways. Combine a cohesive message that correlates with your current Giveaway on MyNewExpert.
  • MyNewExpert Premium provides Social Proof Badges that you can utilize with your Print Ad-Copy – This will be a better way to sell your Expertise!
  • MyNewExpert premium offers Facebook brand advertising that combined with your print campaigns can be a stellar and congruent message regarding your “Awesomeness.”

Want to learn more how MyNewExpert Premium Members are averaging 9-12 New Patients a Month? Email info@mynewexpert.com for a 12-minute demo.