July 20, 2019

Did This Amazon Best Seller Just Kill Chiropractic Screenings?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

by ChiroSushi’s Tristan Schaub

1st full week stats: scheduled 77, shows 31= 40%, consults scheduled 18 = 58 %! I’ve done screenings for over 25 years & NEVER saw stats like this & they come to my office during my office hours & not standing at a booth for hours in whatever weather hoping to set up 10 -20 appts – Dr. Anita Mihlon

The Billion Dollar Mission Might Be The Answer Every Chiropractor is looking for…

Ah, screenings…

To be honest I’ve never done a screening in my life.

I have done two events:

  1. As a sales rep for Crunch Fitness outside a GNC in the marina in San Francisco
  2. As a sales rep for AT&T at the state fair

The GNC one sucked.

I felt like such a loser.

Standing outside trying to rope people to our table.

The state fair was kind of cool – because I got drunk and had a big microphone to use.

But the results were the same.

Most Chiropractors HATE to Screen

But they’ve been told this is the way.

But that’s like riding a horse when you could be driving a TESLA!

In fact – in a recent ChiroSushi survey – 69% of Chiropractors who screen say they would prefer not to.

75% of Associates polled also agreed.

“We’re wasting our associates time and training opportunities by having them go out and try and pull unqualified people with screenings.” said one Chiropractor.

The Screening Killer

Billion Dollar Mission is the first-ever lead and sales generation program that LITERALLY brings people into your door.

Developed by Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book – recent Amazon Best Sellers for their first book “None of Your Business” – as a mission to help 1000 Chiropractors become Million Dollar Practices while producing a Billion Dollars in Chiropractic services.

Billion Dollar Mission brings 40-50 prospective patients into your door a month on average without roping them in at some event with a discount offer.

How can anyone at a screening event be considered a trusted advisor?

But also think about the time spent securing an event, setting up and standing there trying to entice people over!

BDM (what the cool kids call Billion Dollar Mission) instantly accelerates your rapport, credibility, and pathway to consults.

And you don’t have to leave your office!

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