March 20, 2018

Dear Sushi – What Makes My Facebook Ad A Succeed or Fail?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Social Media Marketing

Q: Hey ChiroSushi – What makes a Facebook Ad Successful or a Complete Flop?


There does seem to be some some secret sauce when it comes to a Facebook booming or busting right?

Let’s start on the objective, the backend and then get to creative!


You must know what your goal is to first define success.

Is it:

  • Branding and Awareness
  • List and Follow Building
  • Conversion Marketing
  • Retention Boosting

or a combo of any of those options?

Out take is you can NEVER throw money away on Facebook but you can always spend Smarter.


Who are you targeting your ad to?

Is it a custom audience built from viewers of your Circle of Life videos? (Circle of Life is a modality used by ChiroSushi Samurai members – join up – no contract – no bs – just growth ).

Is it a retargeted visitor base from your website or landing page?

Is it tailored based on segmentation from your client avatar?

There is nothing wrong with “throwing spaghetti at the wall” to start finding your audience but as your campaigns get more focused (see above) so should your audiences.

Creative Copy

This is where your inner Don Draper comes out!

Your Facebook Ad should strive to have

    • A Dynamic Headline
    • At Text and Copy that is engaging as well as clear and with intent.
    • Images that will be consistent with the landing page
    • Landing pages that match the ad, provide value and do their job: Convert
    • Social Proof

Think LTV….

Remember all marketing and advertising should be considering your LTV of a client and not the immediate ROI.

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