November 29, 2016

How This Pay It Forward Hack Generated 10 New Patients in One Day and Cost Only a Few Beans

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Marketing

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My partner and I frequent a Starbucks on the way to our office.

Sometimes, when we pay we will ask to pay for the person behind us. It’s a fun little way to spread love and cheer and we’ve heard from the Starbucks team that sometimes the “pay it forward” will continue on for a few cars.

Once we heard it reached 26 cars!

Imagine 26 people paying for each other because you started it?

The entrepreneur in me had to try and growth-hack this experience

So one day I said, “Why don’t we leave a $100 to prepay for everyone’s orders behind us and when the customer pulls up the employee can give them our card alongside their coffee.”

Everyone loved it.

In five minutes we had our first thank you call.

By the end of the day, we had over a dozen calls to thank us.

Out of those calls, four inquired immediately to learn more about what we do and scheduled a consult while by the end of the week we two had book appointments based on a referral from a “coffee customer.”

Here is where the math get’s really fun!

Three of those six patients referred four more patients in the next three months.

So ten total new patients from a $100 investment. Not too shabby.

Why do I think this worked so well?

  1. We had established rapport with the Starbuck employee and although she wasn’t a patient she really liked us. I know she handed out our card with enthusiasm and superlatives.
  2. Our card is the Bomb Diggity. We put a lot of effort into the copy and calls to action
  3. We did this during a busy rush hour on a Friday so we’re sure the conversions were higher since moods were better than a Monday.

Try it out and let us know if it works for you!

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  1. Dr Michael Breneman December 2, 2016

    Cool idea! Would you be willing to share the “bomb dignity” card with me?