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Push beyond your metrics

Marketing isn't big and scary; it's completely within your reach. We keep it simple and easy to understand. Here's a glimpse of what you'll get with 3 Hours with the marketing legend and coach Jay Abraham on Friday afternoon!

  • The Most Effective Strategy for Growth
  • The Path to Preeminence
  • "How to Build a Power Practice

Network, Build and Grow in the Magic City!

Small business owners and Professional Service Providers from all over the United States gather together at this annual workshop to share their favorite tips and tricks, but the fun doesn't stop there. We have massive breakouts and some supreme bonding & partying to do!

SummerCamp Counselors

Jay Abraham

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Roger Stone 

Why you should attend ? 

Strategy to win your community 

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Roger Love

Why you should attend? 

Workshop to improve the confidence in your voice

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Jia Jiang

Why you should attend ?  

Become rejection proof

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Trey Lewellen

Why you should attend ?  

Build the best funnels 

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Derek Halpern

Why you should attend ?  

Trigger conversions

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Vin Clancy

Why you should attend ?  

Get massive engagment

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Matthew Kimberly

Why you should attend ?  

Make more sales 

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Shawn Dill

Why you should attend ?  

Find your ideal client

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Lacey Book

Why you should attend ?  

Network like a boss

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Scott Dolloff

Why you should attend ?  

Maximize results

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Where is the event being held?  

Shalala Student Center - Student Center Complex - University of Miami  

When is the event?  

June 28th (8 am to 8 pm) and 29th (8 am - 7 pm)  

Is there a schedule of speakers?  

The schedule will be released at the event.

Where should I stay? Is there a hotel block rate?  

We do not have the burden this year of having to fill rooms, so you can stay wherever you like!  

We suggest Brickell, Coral Gabels, or Coconut Grove area.  

AirBnB is great in Miami - the condo's are better than most hotels with killer views and luxury living done right.  

Should I stay in South Beach?  

You could - Just be prepeared for city traffic at times.  

When should I get in?  

We think the best is get in on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  

We know some groups are planning Thursday meetups and it's always cool to get your bearings the day before instead of having the stress of rushing in.  

I have more questions  

Cool. You can email or call 323-627-2612.  

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