April 30, 2016

ChiroWasabi April: The Stuff You May Have Missed

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Here is some the best ChiroSushi bundled up in a nice ChiroRoll for you!

Here are some of the most trending (and hidden) ChiroContent this past month.


Some medical students still think black patients feel less pain than whites

The overall survey included 100 laypeople and over 400 medical students and residents of different racial groups, asking them what they thought about statements like “Black people’s nerve endings are less sensitive than white people’s nerve endings” (which the authors say is false) and “Whites are less likely to have a stroke than blacks” (which the authors say is true). They also asked participants to imagine how much pain white or black individuals would experience in situations like getting their hand slammed in a car door. Researchers also asked medical students to suggest treatment for the patients. Then they looked at the relationship between those three categories. – Read full article here

Without A Doubt: Chiropractic Research Shows Adjusting The Subluxated Spine Changes Brain Function

We are very excited to announce that another Spinal Research Foundation facilitated research has been published in a highly reputable journal. The study, undertaken by Heidi Haavik, Kelly Holt, Bernadette Murphy and others is published in the Journal of Neural Plasticity. And the results are very exciting for chiropractic! – Read full article here

A new study released in The Spine Journal examines whether lumbar and cervical spine surgery outcomes meet patients’ expectations.

Can Chiropractic Care Improve Your Body’s Ability to Self Heal?

The human body is continuously striving to maintain health adequate for survival. More than 10,000 disturbances to our cells come from free radicals. Some of the most potent varieties include reactive oxygen species (ROS) which our cells must constantly defend against. Our bodies are equipped with the amazing capability to self-heal by preventing and repairing damage done to the body. One powerful strategy to enhance this ability for our bodies to self-heal is chiropractic care. – Read full article here

Chiropractic. A view from the inside

*Note from ChiroSush: We’d love to hear your comments or view them on this post from an Aussie Chiropractic Student – specifically his thoughts on Subluxation.

Unless you’ve been living under a very large soundproof rock, in recent weeks the chiropractic profession has been given a pretty serious smack down in the media. It has even had some very prominent folk within the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners call for GPs not to refer to chiros. The straw that broke the chiro’s back per se (apologies for the very poor pun) has been a (probably) well intentioned chiro, posting a video of him manipulating an infants spine as an intervention for colic (there is many reason why I think this was wrong and should not be done but we will get to that later). –Read full article here

Young woman’s ovaries destroyed by Gardasil: Merck ‘forgot to research’ effects of vaccine on female reproduction

A newly-published study has revealed that Merck & Co., the corporate mastermind behind the infamous Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), conveniently forgot to research the effects of this deadly vaccine on women’s reproductive systems. And at least one young woman, in this case from Australia, bore the brunt of this inexcusable failure after discovering that her own ovaries had been completely destroyed as a result of getting the vaccineLearn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041512_Gardasil_ovary_destruction_HPV_vaccine.html#ixzz47JtFMfsF

FDA fast-tracks risky flu vaccine for seniors which was banned in Italy for causing 19 deaths

Definitions are important. Like, for example, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), what does that really mean? Or the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Our society’s increased disease rates and pharmacological drug pushing point to but one logical conclusion. The CDC is controlling the schedule for release of the next big disease. And the FDA‘s job is to ensure pharmaceutical concoctions are force fed from a Federal level. By the way, the word pharmaceutical comes from the Greek word “φαρμακείᾳ” or “pharmakeia.” In the book ofRevelation, pharmakeia is defined as “employment of drugs for any purpose: sorcery, magic, enchantme – Read full article here

Stossel: I have lung cancer. My medical care is excellent but the customer service stinks

I write this from the hospital. Seems I have lung cancer.

My doctors tell me my growth was caught early and I’ll be fine. Soon I will barely notice that a fifth of my lung is gone. I believe them. After all, I’m at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. U.S. News & World Report ranked it No. 1 in New York. I get excellent medical care here. –Read full article here

Former FDA Chief Suppressed Danger of ‘Deadly’ Drug, Suit Alleges

Chiropractic Adjustment on a Nurse